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How To Safely Remove Old/Unused Kernels In RHEL/CentOS/Fedora (Jul 20, 2017) - Easy And Fast Way to Share Files From The Command-Line (Jul 20, 2017)

Ubuntu Post Installation Script For Installing Software Of Your Choice (Jul 17, 2017)

BleachBit - A Quick And Best Way to Clean Up Your Linux System (Best CCleaner Alternative) (Jul 14, 2017)

Stacer - A System Optimizer And Clean Up Utility For Linux (Jul 13, 2017)

KeePass - A Best GUI Password Management Tool To Store/Secure Passwords In Linux (Jul 12, 2017)

Script - A Simple Command To Record Your Terminal Session Activity (Jul 11, 2017)

6 Methods To Check The Running Linux Kernel Version On System (Jul 10, 2017)

bmon - A Real Time Bandwidth Monitor and Rate Estimator for Linux (Jul 09, 2017)

Automatically Disconnect Idle or Inactive SSH Sessions (After Few Minutes Of Inactivity) (Jul 07, 2017)

Cipher - Two Simple Commands To Encrypt/Decrypt File & Folder In Linux Command Line (Jul 06, 2017)

A Simple Python Script To Test Internet Bandwidth Speed In Linux Command Line (Jul 05, 2017)

9 Methods To Check File System Type In Linux (Ext2, Ext3 or Ext4) (Jul 03, 2017)

3 Easy Ways To Get A Summary Of Disk Usage (Directory & Folders Size) In Linux (Jun 26, 2017)

Pass - A Simple command-line Password Manager for Linux (Jun 23, 2017)

Free Up Some Space in Ubuntu/LinuxMint With Ubuntu Cleaner (Fork of Janitor Module) (Jun 23, 2017)

How To kill An Inactive OR Idle SSH Sessions (Jun 21, 2017)

Gifine - Quickly Create An Animated GIF and Video In Ubuntu/Debian (Jun 14, 2017)

3 Easy Ways To Create Or Extend Swap Space In Linux (Jun 12, 2017)

uCareSystem - All-In-One System Update And Maintenance Tool For Ubuntu/LinuxMint (Jun 07, 2017)

ps_mem - A Simple Python Script To Report Core Memory Usage Accurately In Linux (Jun 06, 2017)

Linux Kernel Utilities (LKU) - A Set Of Shell Scripts To Compile, Install & Update Latest Kernel In Ubuntu/LinuxMint (Jun 02, 2017)

Resetter Simple Way To Reset Ubuntu/Linux Mint To Factory Defaults (May 25, 2017)

Easy Ways to Read/View Zip & Archive File Contents Without Extracting (May 24, 2017)

ssh_scan: A Prototype SSH Configuration And Policy Scanner For Linux (May 19, 2017)

Albert - A Fast, Lightweight and Flexible Application Launcher for Linux (May 18, 2017)

Tilix - An Advanced GTK3 Tiling Terminal Emulator for Linux (May 12, 2017)

Redshift - A Nifty Tool to Reduce Eye Strain at Night in Linux (May 04, 2017)

An Simple Way to Access/Setup Google Drive in Linux (May 03, 2017)

Cockpit An Easy Way to Administer Multiple Remote Linux Servers via a Web Browser (Apr 23, 2017)

Steghide - An Easy way to Hide Confidential Data Inside Images and Sound Objects in Linux (Apr 20, 2017)

A Set of Post Installation Shell Scripts for Ubuntu, Fedora & Solus (Apr 18, 2017)

Termbox - An Easy way to Access Preconfigured Linux Command-Line Workspaces via Web Browser (Apr 14, 2017)

Taskwarrior - An Easy Way to Manage TODO List From The Command Line (Apr 11, 2017)

Speedup Your Typing with Ibus Typing Booster (Apr 06, 2017)

SiriKali - Manage User Encrypted Volumes of (ecryptfs, cryfs, gocryptfs, securefs and encfs) (Apr 05, 2017)

Mosh (Mobile Shell) - Best Alternative for SSH to Connect Remote System (Apr 04, 2017)

Linux Watch Command, To Monitor a Command Activity (Apr 03, 2017)

UBER CLI : Easily Get Uber Pickup Time & Price Estimates from Linux Command Line (Mar 31, 2017)

How To Hide Files And Folders in File Manager Without Renaming (Mar 29, 2017)

Classifier A Tool to Organize Files in Your Directory Instantly (Mar 28, 2017)

Notepadqq Source Code Editor for Linux (Mar 27, 2017)

GnuPG - An Easy Way To Encrypt/Decrypt Files From Command Line in Linux (Mar 24, 2017)

PSSH Execute Commands on Multiple Linux Servers in Parallel (Mar 23, 2017)

rtop - A Nifty Tool to Monitor Remote Server Over SSH (Mar 22, 2017)

Buku - A Powerful Command-line Bookmark Manager for Linux (Mar 21, 2017)

Gnome Encfs Manager -Best Alternative for Cryptkeeper to Create a Encrypted Directory in Linux (Mar 20, 2017)

Kgif - A Simple Shell Script to Create a Gif File from Active Window (Mar 17, 2017)

Battery Monitor - A Simple Tool That Notifies User About Battery State (Mar 16, 2017)

How to Access Secure Shell (SSH) Servers Through Standard Web Browsers (Mar 14, 2017)

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