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Linux Turns 23
LinuxPlanet: It was 23 years ago today that the great social and technological experiment we know today as Linux began (Aug 25, 2014)

Linux Founder Linus Torvalds 'Still Wants the Desktop'
eWEEK: During a LinuxCon panel discussion, Linus Torvalds provides insight into what works and what doesn't with Linux in 2014 (Aug 20, 2014)

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Back to the Future for MySQL (Apr 22, 2008)

MindTouch Closes a Banner Year (Apr 21, 2008)

MySQL and "Commercial Extensions:" Core, Complements, and Semantics (Apr 17, 2008)

Open-Source Code Base Doubles Every Year (Apr 16, 2008)

McAfee's Libel Against Open Source (Apr 15, 2008)

Google's Festering Problem with the AGPL (Apr 15, 2008)

Harvard Starts Teaching Open Source (Apr 11, 2008)

The GPL's Poor Translation Into French (Apr 08, 2008)

Linux Desktop Market Share is Up as Much as 61 Percent, Study Finds (Apr 03, 2008)

Mozilla's Firefox Hits 18 Percent of Corporate Desktops (Apr 01, 2008)

Open Source: Made in Japan? (Apr 01, 2008)

What I Learned from OSBC 2008 (Mar 29, 2008)

Microsoft Continues to Prey Upon the Overly Cautious with Patent Deals (Mar 25, 2008)

Bruce Perens Campaigns to Join the OSI (Mar 19, 2008)

Open Source: World Domination or World Liberation? (Mar 18, 2008)

Yes, My Grandma Can Run Ubuntu Linux (Mar 11, 2008)

Is Cittio Ripping Off the OpenNMS Community? (Mar 07, 2008)

The Effects of Commercialization on Open-Source Communities (Mar 06, 2008)

Report: Open-Source Developers Command Up to 40 Percent Premium (Mar 04, 2008)

15 Minutes with Jonathan Schwartz: Java, Community, and Linux (Feb 27, 2008)

ExtJS: When Open Source is Not Open at All (Feb 26, 2008)

Mozilla May Hold the Clues to the Future of Commercial Open Source (Feb 25, 2008)

Open Source and the Future of Vendor-Free IT (Feb 19, 2008)

Google: The New Sourceforge? (Feb 15, 2008)

Zimbra's Newest Desktop: Look Ma! No Browser! (Feb 14, 2008)

Red Hat Aiming to Grow JBoss at Twice the Rate of RHEL (Feb 13, 2008)

Survey Finds Ubuntu is the Fastest-Growing Linux Distribution (Feb 11, 2008)

Forbes Names Red Hat America's 11th Fastest-Growing Company (Feb 06, 2008)

What Would a Recession Mean for IT Spending? (Feb 05, 2008)

Gartner Predicts 80% of All Commercial Software will Embed Open Source by 2012 (Feb 04, 2008)

What I Learned from Lineo's Failure (Jan 30, 2008)

"Kinder Capitalism"? It's Called Open Source, Mr. Gates. You Should Try It (Jan 26, 2008)

And Now You Can Sell Things with Open Source, Too. Introducing Magento (Jan 19, 2008)

Is Software Becoming More or Less Proprietary? Look at the Data (Jan 17, 2008)

Recession-Proofing Your Open-Source Company (Jan 15, 2008)

Mitch Kapor Bails from the Chandler Project (Jan 10, 2008)

Open Source and the Long Tail: An Interview with Chris Anderson (Jan 10, 2008)

On the Record with Jim Whitehurst, Red Hat's New CEO: "I Must Have a Mission" (Jan 04, 2008)

The Proprietary Problem with Innovation and Scale (Jan 03, 2008)

MySQL's Marten Mickos Ushers in the New Year by Looking Back on the Old One (Jan 02, 2008)

A Quasi-Comprehensive Look at Open Source in 2007 [Parts 1 & 2] (Dec 27, 2007)

Open Source is an Operations Business: Red Hat's CEO Switch (Dec 24, 2007)

Red Hat Blows Out Its Q3: The Data Behind the Numbers (Dec 21, 2007)

Changing the Rules of Enterprise Software: A Look at the Collaborative Software Initiative (Dec 21, 2007)

Differences Between European and US Adoption of Open Source (Dec 20, 2007)

Red Hat, JBoss Committers, and the IBM Question (Dec 19, 2007)

Rise or Fall for Red Hat? (Dec 18, 2007)

Novell Reports a Loss, But Linux Revenue Up 69% (Dec 14, 2007)

Radiohead, Open Source, and the Problem with Free (Dec 13, 2007)

Tech Spending Set to Plunge; Open Source Set to Rise (Dec 12, 2007)

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