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Release Digest: GNOME, April 25, 2003

Apr 25, 2003, 23:30 (0 Talkback[s])

Hardware Monitor applet 0.5

A man walks along the road. I stop by him. He says, "The road is long
and the stones are plentiful". He also says, "The flames warm my
heart. But the curves are jumpy. The bars are too boring. And the
texts ridden with bugs." He raises his eyebrow. I nod. He says, "Go
fix these things and tell gnome-announce about it."

What's new:
  - made the curve and the bar viewer update themselves continuously
    instead of in small jumps
  - broke the bars into little boxes which look much neater
  - fixed some of the issues with the text viewer
  - fixed crash with the temperature monitor
  - renice to 10 to prevent stealing CPU time when it is needed
  - some other bug fixes

  - monitor CPU/memory/swap/disk usage, load average, Ethernet/modem
    throughput, CPU temperature
  - multiple views that all support multiple monitors:
   o  a curve view with smooth lines
   o  a bar view with wacky horizontal bars
   o  a text view for those who want extreme precision
   o  a flame view to impress your friends
  - a modular design for future enhancements
  - well-behaved GNOME panel applet (no floating gkrellm-windows)
  - a Danish translation

Version 0.5 can be downloaded from here:
Screenshots are also available from the above page. The applet
requires Gnome 2.2 and the gtkmm and gnomemm-all libraries from
Note that you need to install libsensors and setup lm-sensors with
your kernel if you want to monitor the CPU temperature. Also, the
lm-sensors support is still a little inflexible and will sometimes
show the system board temperature instead of the CPU temperature.
Ole Laursen

Devhelp 0.6.0

Devhelp 0.6.0
A developers help program.
Browse and search GNOME API & GNU Manuals.
* Added both html widget implementations to tarball (Mikael)
* Lots of work on error handling                    (Ross)
* Fixes to searched paths                           (Ross)
* Added gnome-vfs MIME support                      (Ross)
* New and updated translations, thanks to Kang Jeong-Hee, Vincent van
  Duarte Loreto, Zbigniew Chyla, Takeshi AIHANA, Metin Amiroff,
  Samúl Jó Gunnarsson, Guntupalli Karunakar.

GNOME Software Map entry

Battfink 0.5

Battfink is an energy saver, battery notification area doohicky. On a
scale of usefulness, it's moderately useful.
Battfink 0.5
        * Remove support for 'Time Remaining' with ACPI [Matthew]
        * Initialize the dialog after session startup [Glynn]
        * Sync up label and tooltip [Kjartan]
        * Disable 'Time Remaining' when battery is charging [Glynn]
        * Don't try to do ACPI stuff if the files aren't there [Manuel]
        * New and updated translations
                - Alexandre Folle de Menezes [pt_BR]
                - Christophe Merlet [fr]
                - Kjartan Maraas [no]

                        See ya,
                                Glynn ;)

GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem 0.4

GNOME Bluetooth Subsystem 0.4
Components for managing and accessing Bluetooth devices
* OBEX file server - 'beam' photos, vcards, etc from your phone to your
  computer.  Initial implementation dumps the files in your home
  It has an exciting tray icon :-)
* Split out libbtctl from gnome-bluetooth package.
For more changes see
GNOME Software Map entry

Red Carpet 2.0 preview 2

We're happy to announce a second previous release of Red Carpet 2.0.
Red Carpet is a graphical software management tool for RPM and dpkg
systems.  Red Carpet allows you to update and remove existing software
and install new software on your machine quickly and easily with
complete dependency resolution.  It also allows you to get information
on packages and dependencies and view a history of package
transactions.  To make the large amounts of available software easy to
manage, Red Carpet organizes software conceptually into "channels".
Since the first preview release we've fixed several bugs that have been
found and based on your feedback have addressed a number of user
interface issues, including a tabbed UI and reworked strings.
This version also features the following translations:
   sv: Christian Rose
   pt: Duarte Loreto
   da: Kenneth Christiansen
   nl: Vincent van Adrighem
Red Carpet 2.0 features an all-new, native GTK+ 2.0-based user
interface.  Its new layout allows more powerful access to software
management tasks like installing software from multiple channels and
installing and removing software simultaneously.  It aims to conform to
the GNOME Human Interface Guidelines.
Binary packages for Red Hat Linux 7.3, 8.0 and 9 are available from the
"RCD snapshots" channel in Red Carpet, or on our FTP site at  For the second preview, the version
number is 1.99.2.  You will also need the "rcd" package.
This isn't the final supported distribution list, and more distributions
will be added as we approach a final 2.0 release.
We've extended the Red Carpet 2.0 bug hunt contest until May 2.  Prives
include Bose QuietComfort Acoustic Noise Cancelling headphones, gift
certificates to, and Ximian t-shirts.  See the link below for
more details.
Red Carpet (and associated components) are licensed under the GNU GPL
and can be found in GNOME CVS in the "red-carpet" module.  Associated
components libredcarpet (module "libredcarpet"), the Red Carpet Daemon
("rcd") and the rc command-line tool ("rc") are also in GNOME CVS.
We welcome developer contributions and recommend you subscribe to the
rc-devel mailing list.  See
There's a lot more information on Red Carpet and related projects at
this URL:
The Red Carpet Team