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Marcelo Tosatti: Linux 2.4.27-pre3

May 19, 2004, 17:29 (0 Talkback[s])
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Full Changelog


Here goes the third pre of 2.4.27.

It contains network driver fixes, nForce2 hang PCI workaround, i810 audio fixes, JFS update, ACPI, sh64/ia64 arch updates, amongst others.

Please refer to the detailed changeloged

Summary of changes from v2.4.27-pre2 to v2.4.27-pre3


  • ext2fs sb= mount option fix


  • Fix HP HSG80 storage array entry on SCSI device list


  • [sound i810] silently ignore invalid PCM_ENABLE_xxx bits from userland


  • ad1848: Fix crystal CS4235 mixer setup


  • tipar char driver: wrong timeout value


  • copy WARN_ON() definition from 2.6


  • Remove extra semicolumn in arch/i386/mm/fault.c


  • nVidia supplied nForce2 workaround

Andrew Morton:

  • sata_sx4.c warning fix

Arun Sharma:

  • ia64: make ia32 core dumps work

Bjorn Helgaas:

  • Cset exclude:[helgaas]|ChangeSet|20040405163028|42090
  • ia64: Fix ia32 core dumps
  • ia64: Update defconfigs
  • ia64: Update defconfig to current generic config
  • ia64: Allow IO port space without EFI RT attribute
  • ia64: Define acpi_pci_disabled for recent ACPI update

Dave Kleikamp:

  • JFS: [CHECKER] Fix a possible null-pointer dereference
  • JFS: [CHECKER] Memory leak in jfs_link
  • JFS: [CHECKER] get rid of txAbortCommit
  • JFS: Avoid race invalidating metadata page
  • JFS: reduce stack usage
  • JFS: [CHECKER] More robust error recovery in add_index
  • JFS: module unload was not removing /proc/fs/jfs/

David Mosberger:

  • ia64: Fix typo in unwinder which could cause NULL-pointer dereferences

Don Fry:

  • pcnet32 whitespace only changes
  • pcnet32 support for 79C976
  • pcnet32 all printk under netif_msg
  • pcnet32 correct name display
  • pcnet32 add led blink capability
  • pcnet32 transmit performance fix
  • pcnet32 add register dump capability
  • pcnet32 timer to free tx skbs for 79C971/972

Gerd Knorr:

  • Fix V4L miss of range check oops

Herbert Xu:

  • [sound i810] fix wait queue race in drain_dac
  • [sound i810] fix race
  • [sound i810] remove bogus CIV_TO_LVI
  • [sound i810] clean up with macros
  • [sound i810] fix partial DMA transfers
  • [sound i810] fix playback SETTRIGGER
  • [sound i810] fix OSS fragments
  • [sound i810] remove divides on playback
  • [sound i810] fix drain_dac loop when signals_allowed==0
  • [sound i810] fix reads/writes % 4 != 0
  • [sound i810] fix deadlock in drain_dac

Jack Hammer:

  • ServeRAID driver update to 7.00.15: sync with v2.6

Jack Steiner:

  • ia64: fix HUGETLB null pointer dereference

Jeff Garzik:

  • [netdrvr b44] sync with 2.6.x version
  • Add dummy "__user" marker, for compat with 2.6.x
  • Rename get_current_user tmpvar to avoid namespace clash
  • [netdrvr] Add driver for IBM p/iSeries virtual ethernet adapters
  • [libata sata_sis] add new PCI id
  • [libata] Promise driver split part 1: clone to sx4
  • [libata] Promise driver split part 2: remove SX4 code from sata_promise
  • [libata] Promise driver split part 3: remove TX2/4 code from sata_sx4
  • [libata] Promise driver split part 4: common header
  • [libata] add ata_tf_{to,from}_fis helpers
  • [libata] clean up taskfile submission to hardware
  • [libata] remove call to WARN_ON(), 2.4 doesn't have this
  • [libata] move ATAPI startup from katad thread to workqueue thread
  • [libata] minor updates
  • [libata] move PIO data xfer from katad thread to workqueue thread
  • [libata] move probe execution from katad thread to workqueue thread
  • [libata] move ATAPI command initiation code from libata-scsi to libata-core
  • [libata] kill unnecessary include
  • [libata] internal cleanup: kill ata_pio_start
  • [libata] some work on the ATAPI path
  • [libata] Make sure to initialize PIO data xfer state
  • [libata] replace per-command semaphore with optional completion
  • [libata promise] make sure our schedule_timeout(N) are never with N==0
  • [libata] remove unused struct ata_engine
  • [libata sata_sx4] trivial: fix filename in header
  • [libata sata_sis] support SATA SCRs in PCI cfg space
  • [libata] preparation for writeback caching support
  • [libata] Maintainer annotations
  • [sound i810] sync with 2.6.x driver
  • [sound i810] bump driver to version 1.00

Jeremy Higdon:

  • sata_vsc initialization fix

Karol Kozimor:

  • acpi4asus 0.28 (Karol 'sziwan' Kozimor)

Krzysztof Halasa:

  • [netdrvr tulip] fix use-after-free

Len Brown:

Marcelo Tosatti:

  • Delete: drivers/char/amd7xx_tco.c
  • Matt Domsch: Lower printk severity for PCI devices with no PCI_CACHE_LINE_SIZE implemented
  • Changed EXTRAVERSION to -pre3

Mike Miller:

  • cciss update: support for two new controllers
  • Fix cciss bug in proc reporting

Oleg Drokin:

  • [2.4] Make reiserfs not to crash on oom during mount

Pavel Machek:

  • Cleanups for b44

Pete Zaitcev:

  • tiglusb bug fixes (usb_clear_halt, usb_sndbulkpipe)
  • USB: Check results of copy_to_user in hiddev
  • USB: Fix memory leaks in speedtch
  • USB: Fix IBM USB memory key unusual dev entry

Richard Curnow:

  • Patch [sh64]: Fix liveness dependency constraints in _syscalln()
  • Fix Cayman PCI IRQ routing for PCI cards containing bridges
  • Patch [sh64]: Fix approach for calibrating CPU MHz so it works even if the I-cache is disabled
  • Patch [sh64]: Clean-up handling of the SR.WATCH bit
  • Patch [sh64]: Remove obsolete CONFIG_UNCACHED_MEMORY_OFFSET option
  • Patch [sh64]: clean-up to allow building on Cayman board without configuring PCI support
  • Patch [sh64]: Handle base of RAM not being 512Mb aligned
  • Patch [sh64]: Allow greater choice over the effective address at which the kernel runs

Sridhar Samudrala:

  • [SCTP] Fix bugs in handling overlapping INIT and peer restart over a multihomed association.
  • [SCTP] Rename SCTP_ADDRREACHABLE as SCTPADDR_AVAILABLE to be consistent with the SCTP sockets API draft.

Stephen Hemminger:

  • SCTP crc table can be static const

Stéphane Eranian:

  • ia64: switch /proc/perfmon to seq_file avoid buffer overflows

Zwane Mwaikambo:

  • remove amd7(saucy)_tco