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Linux 3.18 released
Linus Torvalds: It has been a quiet week, and the patch from rc7 is tiny, so 3... (Dec 07, 2014)

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Linux Today - IT Management

2015 will be the year Linux takes over the enterprise (and other predictions)
(Dec 16, 2014, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

Tech Republic: In previous years, I'd don the rose-colored glasses and make predictions that would shine a fantastic light over the Linux landscape and proclaim 20** will be the year of Linux on the _____ (name your platform).

Committee begins review of High Priority Projects list -- your input is needed
(Dec 16, 2014, 05:00) (0 talkbacks)

FSF: Nine and a half years ago the first version of the High Priority Free Software Projects (HPP) list debuted with only four projects

The GPLv2 goes to court
(Dec 15, 2014, 11:00) (0 talkbacks) Despite its importance, the GPLv2 has been the subject of very few court decisions, and virtually all of the most important terms of the GPLv2 have not been interpreted by courts.

How to Easily Get Very In-Demand OpenStack Cloud Skills
(Dec 13, 2014, 18:00) (0 talkbacks)

OStatic: How in demand are cloud computing skills in the job market?

How Linux Works Is an OS Mechanic's Mainstay
(Dec 12, 2014, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxInsider: How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know offers an unglamorous view of the Linux operating system.

Where to Find a SysAdmin Job
(Dec 05, 2014, 05:00) (0 talkbacks) Sysadmins with skills in networking, security and operating systems will fare better than those skilled solely in maintaining a vendor’s product.

The Ongoing Wars Against Free Tech
(Dec 04, 2014, 13:00) (0 talkbacks)

 FOSSforce: A decade ago the open sourcing of any major program by Microsoft would have FOSS writers in a tither, even if released under the GPL.

Friendship & the Linux Community
(Dec 02, 2014, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

 FOSSforce: Linux is a global community...a quarrelsome community, I will give you that, but a community nonetheless.

Why change is hard for any open source community
(Dec 02, 2014, 15:00) (1 talkbacks) A lightning talk recap about how the Apache Foundation has always done things a certain way

Linux Top 3: Linux Mint 17.1 Goes GA, Fedora 21 Goes RC, Devuan Forks Debian
(Dec 01, 2014, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

Linux Planet: Linux Mint has emerged in recent years to become one of the most popular Linux distributions, thanks in no small part to its focus on creating the best possible desktop experience for users.

Linux Top 3: GNOME Triumphs, Linux 3.18 Nears Release and FreeBSD's Benefactor
(Nov 26, 2014, 06:00) (0 talkbacks)

LinuxPlanet: FreeBSD hasn't had the same commercial success in the market as Linux over the last decade.

How to manage your personal expenses from the command line
(Nov 25, 2014, 09:00) (0 talkbacks)

 xmodulo: The Linux command line can be used for many things, like making spreadsheets, playing music, or access Facebook or Twitter.

Not just token: Red Hat's Women in Open Source Awards
(Nov 24, 2014, 23:00) (1 talkbacks)

Linux Magazine: DeLisa Alexander would like to make one thing clear about Red Hat's Women in Open Source Awards (WIOSA): They're not just a token gesture towards diversity.

How to install Cacti (Monitoring tool) on ubuntu 14.10 server
(Nov 24, 2014, 19:00) (0 talkbacks)

UbuntuGeek: Cacti is a complete network graphing solution designed to harness the power of RRDTool's data storage and graphing functionality.

Red Hat Pushes Forward with CentOS [VIDEO]
(Nov 21, 2014, 14:15) (0 talkbacks)

ServerWatch: At the beginning of 2014, Red Hat embraced the community CentOS Linux distribution.

Mozilla Takes $300M Gamble on Yahoo to Reassert Its Independence
(Nov 20, 2014, 23:00) (0 talkbacks)

eWEEK: Mozilla shifts its search allegiance from Google to Yahoo. What is the impact for its Firefox browser, users and the big money behind it all?

5 humanitarian open source projects make the world a better place
(Nov 20, 2014, 07:00) (0 talkbacks) One of the strengths of the open source community has been its ability to bring concentrated effort to bear on big problems

How SanDisk is Becoming an Open Source Player
(Nov 20, 2014, 07:00) (0 talkbacks) Earlier this year SanDisk committed to becoming an open source player, created an open source strategy office and joined the Linux Foundation

Zentyal Server 4.0 : Linux Business Server Based on Ubuntu Server 14.04 LTS
(Nov 20, 2014, 04:00) (0 talkbacks)

 Ubuntu Server Guide: Zentyal Server 4.0, a small Linux business server that can be configured as Directory Server, Domain Controller, Zentyal Mail Server, Gateway, Unified Threat Manager (UTM), Unified Communications Server or a combination of them

Mozilla Ditches Google for Yahoo as Default Search on Firefox
(Nov 19, 2014, 23:00) (1 talkbacks)

InternetNews: From the 'Is Google Evil? What About Marissa?' files

Smartctl: Monitoring & Analysis tool for Hard drive
(Nov 19, 2014, 12:00) (0 talkbacks)

 LinuxTechi: Smartctl (Self-Monitoring, Analysis and Reporting Technology) is a command line utility

SUSE Brings Live Patching and Ceph Storage to its Enterprise Linux
(Nov 19, 2014, 11:00) (0 talkbacks)

ServerWatch: Enterprise Linux vendor SUSE today made a series of announcements at its annual SUSEcon event, providing users with new patching, storage and cloud capabilities.

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