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Linux News for May 28, 2001

  • Python-URL! - weekly Python news and links (May 28) (May 28, 2001, 23:00)
    All that's new in the Python world.

  • CNET: Caldera OpenLinux eServer 2.3 (May 28, 2001, 22:30)
    CNET's reviewer likes Caldera's latest offering, saying it's built from the ground up to be a server distro and that shows.

  • EnGarde Secure Linux Security Advisory: pine temporary file handling vulnerabilities (May 28, 2001, 22:00)
    "All versions of the pine email client and the pico text editor have temporary file handling problems. Any local user can potentially overwrite any file on the system, including those belonging to root. These bugs have been fixed in this update."

  • DukeOfURL: Progeny Debian 1.0 Review (May 28, 2001, 21:30)
    The DukeOfURL says Progeny Debian 1.0 is fast, stable, and excellent for users and administrators interested in hands-on management of their machine. On the downside, not all the packages are the most current (the KDE version shipping is 2.0) and automated/integrated security management is lagging.

  • ZDNet UK: HP exec: Linux will be desktop champ (May 28, 2001, 21:00)
    Quelle surprise! Despite recent assertions of the dead Linux desktop (and affirmations of as much on the part of Dell executives, Bruce Perens (he's the HP executive the headline refers to) says "[The Linux] desktop is not dead, and will perform in the market as Linux has in the server market--going from a toy to a curiosity to a contender to having a big piece of the market."

  • GNOME Summary for May 20 - May 25, 2001 (May 28, 2001, 20:19)
    Christian Schaller reports on GNOME for Solaris, the OpenOffice Bonobo bridge, Ximian's release of SOUP, Havoc's brainstorming document, a new 3d modeler, and the project to turn gtkhtml into a Bonobo component.

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.5-ac3 (May 28, 2001, 19:40)
    "In terms of going through the code audit almost all the sound drivers still need fixing to lock against format changes during a read/write. Poll creating and starting a buffer as write does and also mmap during write, write during an mmap."

  • The Register: MS-built UK 'Government Gateway' locks out non-MS browsers (May 28, 2001, 19:11)
    Go, monoculture. It looks as if Microsoft's "Government Gateway" site, key to an ongoing inititiative by the government in the UK to make all its services available online, doesn't allow many browsers thanks to the nature of the digital certificates it issues: specifically, browsers that aren't IE 5.01 or better. The Register reports the issue is still somewhat up in the air.

  • SecurityPortal: Weekly Linux Security Digest: 2001/05/21 to 2001/05/27 (May 28, 2001, 16:45)
    "The only really new thing is the man page vulnerability in Red Hat, which if exploited could allow a user to gain "man" privileges, which doesn't sound to bad until you realize that root will probably run "man" and then bad things might happen."

  • Slashdot: Should You Donate Money to Companies? (May 28, 2001, 15:35)
    Is a software company asking for donations worth your money or is it a case of exploiting the good will of the Linux community? Slashdot has a column in two parts: an angry tirade by a reader, and a firm rebuttal by Rob Malda, who calls claims of exploitation so much posturing by non-coding fanboys.

  • SecurityPortal: IPFilter: Free No More? (May 28, 2001, 14:12)
    IPFilter is the foundation of firewalling for the BSD family. A recent release included a change in the license that restricts "derivative or modified works," and a subsequent change that redistribution is not permitted. This article maintains IPF is no longer compliant with the Open Source Definition, raising issues similar to the issues raised by ssh being "taken proprietary."

  • Debian Project at two exhibitions (May 28, 2001, 13:53)
    "Two exhibitions and conferences will start within a couple of days. The Debian project has been offered to run a booth on one and will have a developers meeting on the other. The events take place in Brazil and Japan."

  • GNOME Foundation: RFC: Foundation Administrative Employee (May 28, 2001, 02:04)
    The GNOME Foundation is interested in hiring a full-time administrative employee. The board already has a candidate in mind. Most interesting is this: "We are all very concerned about avoiding the Open Group situation. We do not want a foundation that has its own misguided interests competing with those of the hackers or the member organizations. This is the primary risk people have identified."

  • Alan Cox: Linux 2.4.5-ac2 (May 28, 2001, 01:00)
    "In terms of going through the code audit almost all the sound drivers still need fixing to lock against format changes during a read/write. Poll creating and starting a buffer as write does and also mmap during write, write during an mmap."