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SecurityFocus.com: DeCSS Creator Indicted in Norway (Jan 11, 2002)

ComputerWorld: Flaw found in PGP 5.0 (May 27, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Hearing spotlights clash between open source and copyright protection (May 25, 2000)

ComputerWorld: ActiveX flaw can help spread viruses (May 12, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Battle brews over reverse engineering (May 05, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Update: Mafiaboy a copycat; attacks could have been stopped (Apr 21, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Microsoft backs P3P Net privacy standard (Apr 13, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Symantec seeks halt to posting blocked-site list (Mar 16, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Credit-card numbers stolen via known security hole (Mar 12, 2000)

ComputerWorld: New McAfee Suite Offers Centralized Virus Protection (Feb 29, 2000)

InfoWorld: Microsoft refutes reports of 63,000 Bugs in Win2000 (Feb 18, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Lawyers inadvertently release DVD decryption code (Jan 28, 2000)

ComputerWorld: DVD dispute targets Norwegian teen-ager (Jan 27, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Judge bars posting of DVD decoding software (Jan 22, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Free speech, intellectual property rights collide in court (Jan 21, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Civil-rights group blasts DVD suit (Jan 19, 2000)

ComputerWorld: Activist defends DVD hack (Nov 08, 1999)

ComputerWorld: U.S. May Soften Source-Code Export Policy (Oct 25, 1999)

CNN: Don't blame Back Orifice for security problems (Sep 30, 1999)

ComputerWorld: Virus Scanning Moving to ISPs (Sep 21, 1999)

ComputerWorld: Hackers, IT consultants embrace free security tool (Aug 14, 1999)

ComputerWorld: Hackers, IT consultants embrace free security tool [FreeS/WAN] (Aug 13, 1999)

CNN: Free software fights Net snoopers (May 03, 1999)