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Red Hat�s Secret Patent Deal and the Fate of JBoss Developers (Nov 13, 2010)

Bruce Perens: Inside Open Source's Historic Victory (Feb 23, 2010)

Statement on Busybox Lawsuits (Dec 16, 2009)

Bruce Perens: Microsoft and TomTom Settle, Justice and Linux Lose (Apr 01, 2009)

Bruce Perens: Is Open Source Capitalist or Communist? (Mar 10, 2009)

Bruce Perens: Analyzing Microsoft's Linux Lawsuit (Mar 02, 2009)

Bruce Perens: How Many Open Source Licenses Do You Need? (Feb 17, 2009)

Bruce Perens: Combining GPL and Proprietary Software (Feb 10, 2009)

Bruce Perens: A Vertical Market Seeks Open Standards (Oct 17, 2008)

Bruce Perens: A Big Change for Open Source (Oct 04, 2008)

Bruce Perens: Microsoft and Apache - What's the Angle? (Aug 04, 2008)

State of Open Source Message: A New Decade For Open Source (Feb 08, 2008)

Why Microsoft Must Control One Laptop Per Child (Jan 11, 2008)

Norway Opens Free Software Center (Aug 21, 2007)

Technocrat: Bruce Perens Admits to Spoofing Netcraft (Apr 07, 2007)

Technocrat: Clearing Up Anti-GPL3 FUD (Mar 23, 2007)

Technocrat: Novell Apologies Debunked, 2700 People Sign Protest Letter (Dec 06, 2006)

Action on Technology Policy: Protest the Microsoft-Novell Patent Agreement (Nov 23, 2006)

Technocrat: Novell-Microsoft: What They Aren't Telling You (Nov 03, 2006)

Technocrat: Is DRM Just a Consumer Rights Issue? (Jun 08, 2006)

Perens Starts OpenSourceParking.com (Apr 16, 2006)

SourceLabs: Bruce Perens' Forecasts for 2006 (Dec 18, 2005)

ZDNet Australia: The Open Source Patent Conundrum (Feb 02, 2005)

Perens: The Problem of Software Patents in Standards (Nov 09, 2004)

NewsForge: Does Prentice Hall Really Own Linux? (Jun 12, 2004)

ZDNet: Open Source: Prepare for Attack (Jun 04, 2004)

CNET News: SCO's Failing Case Against IBM (Mar 09, 2004)

LinuxWorld: UserLinux Will Support KDE (Feb 02, 2004)

Community Reacts to Mydoom Virus (Jan 28, 2004)

NewsForge: On the GUI Selection in UserLinux (Dec 17, 2003)

UserLinux: Repairing the Economic Paradigm of Enterprise Linux [Updated] (Dec 12, 2003)

UserLinux.com: UserLinux: Repairing the Economic Paradigm of Enterprise Linux (Dec 03, 2003)

LinuxWorld: What Would UserLinux Look Like? (Nov 20, 2003)

Response to SCO's Open Letter (Sep 10, 2003)

Perens.com: Analysis of SCO's Las Vegas Slide Show (Aug 21, 2003)

Perens.com: Analysis of Linux Code SCO Alleges Is In Violation Of SCO Copyright and Trade Secrets (Aug 20, 2003)

The Open Group: An Open Source Strategy for the Open Group (Jul 29, 2003)

CNET News: The Fear War Against Linux (May 20, 2003)

NewsForge: False Open Source Representative Calls for European Software Patents (May 07, 2003)

Slashdot: This is the End of SCO for Sure (Mar 08, 2003)

ZDNet: Beware of the Internet Toll Booth (Oct 09, 2002)

The Register: MS 'Software Choice' Scheme a Clever Fraud (Aug 12, 2002)

Advogato: Free Software Representatives Join W3C Patent Policy Board (Oct 14, 2001)

ZDNet: Beware of wolves in agnostic's clothing (Bruce Perens) (Jun 14, 2001)

ZDNet UK: HP exec: Linux will be desktop champ (May 29, 2001)

Free Software Leaders Stand Together (May 16, 2001)

Bruce Perens: HP selects Debian as its "design center" (May 10, 2001)

Bruce Perens: Software Patents vs. Free Software (May 04, 2001)

Bruce Perens: What's Going On About Open-Sourcing the OpenMail Program (Mar 05, 2001)

Bruce Perens: Technocrat is shutting down (Jan 05, 2001)

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