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VNU Net: SCO Forum: Intel about to launch Unixware based Internet appliance (Aug 21, 1999)

VNU Net: SCO Forum: Trillian Project no threat to Monterey, claims SCO president (Aug 21, 1999)

VNUNet: SCO Forum: Monterey members declare war on HP and Sun (Aug 18, 1999)

VNU Net: Linux World: Linux to be targeted at enterprise servers, then desktop (Aug 15, 1999)

VNU Net: VA Systems to move to Europe before going public (Aug 14, 1999)

VNU Net: Open Source Forum: Linux not yet ready for enterprise use (Jul 03, 1999)

VNU Net: Open Source Forum: Open Source community needs to work to keep Net open (Jul 03, 1999)

VNU Net: Open Source Forum: Analysts divided over impact of Linux on NT (Jul 03, 1999)

VNU Net: Gartner: Linux will not unseat Windows on the desktop (May 05, 1999)

VNU Net: Gartner Symposium: Linux sparks renewed interest in Unix market (Mar 24, 1999)