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Newly Released GNU Ghostscript 5.50 adds Eastern European character support (Feb 24, 2000)

Zend Technologies Poised to Profit from PHP Success (Feb 23, 2000)

When They Pry Linux from my Cold Dead Hands -- Jesse Berst's W2K Upgrade Poll (Feb 16, 2000)

Linux Group to Launch Win2K on a Rocket Today (Feb 13, 2000)

Phoenix Adaptive Firewall to be Certified Linux Ready (Jan 31, 2000)

Petition protests arrest of Norwegian DeCSS author Jon Johansen (Jan 27, 2000)

UPDATED: Linux Today Server Gets Unscheduled Reboot (Jan 15, 2000)

It was a hoax -- Y2K Bug Strikes Down Linux Today (Jan 03, 2000)

Linux Kicks Butt at Comdex'99 (Nov 22, 1999)

Emmett Plant to Jolt Linux Today's V.O.L.T. Back to Life (Nov 02, 1999)

Popular Columnist Paul Ferris Becomes New Linux Today SysAdmin (Nov 02, 1999)

CORRECTED: Delphi for Linux On Its Way -- Inprise Commits To Development Tools (Sep 27, 1999)

Retailer Jay Jacobs Folds -- Early Linux Adopter Files for Chapter 11 (Sep 07, 1999)

Delphi for Linux Likely Says Borland Executive (Aug 30, 1999)

Korean Linux Users Outraged by "Linux" Trademark Claim (Aug 28, 1999)

SGI Appoints New CEO and Chairman, Reaffirms Linux Strategy (Aug 23, 1999)

Fight For Software Freedom Far From Over -- Interview with Richard Stallman (Aug 19, 1999)

LightningFAX v6.5.1 -- Linux-compatible (Aug 11, 1999)

Who Reads Linux Today? (Jul 26, 1999)

SuSE Linux 6.1 for Alpha (German version) released (Jul 10, 1999)

ZD OpenSource Forum Brings Open Source and Business Leaders Together (Jul 10, 1999)

Caldera CEO Ransom Love Foresees Linux "left-sizing" of Business (Jul 02, 1999)

Eric Raymond Stirs the Cauldron at Ziff-Davis OpenSource Forum Opening (Jun 30, 1999)

Linux Today at Linux Expo: Reports and Goodies Galore (May 20, 1999)

Linux Today Newswire Down This Morning (May 18, 1999)

Civilization: Call to Power for Linux Ships (May 07, 1999)

NeoPlanet Promotes Mozilla Open Instant Messaging and Chat (May 07, 1999)

Happy Hacking Keyboard -- Get Your Own, This One's Mine! (May 06, 1999)

At last, a Mindcraft 'Open Benchmark' (May 04, 1999)

Dwight Johnson -- Wanted: Linux Investment HOWTO (Apr 25, 1999)

Loki Entertainment Software -- When's the IPO? (Apr 12, 1999)

PostgreSQL Web site newly designed (Apr 11, 1999)

Linux Global Summit to Head Up Chicago COMDEX (Apr 06, 1999)

Michael Cowpland -- A Mind for Business: Interview with Corel CEO Dr. Michael Cowpland (Mar 17, 1999)

Richard Stallman to speak (Feb 26, 1999)

BOOK REVIEW: Open Sources: Voices from the Open Source Revolution (Feb 25, 1999)