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InfoWorld: Dave Thomas: IBM's senior VP maps out IBM's plans [for]... pervasive computing (Mar 24, 2000)

InfoWorld: VA Linux Systems acquires server and storage vendors (Mar 16, 2000)

InfoWorld: SAS being ported to Linux (Mar 15, 2000)

InfoWorld: IBM enhancing mainframes for enterprise apps (Mar 03, 2000)

InfoWorld: Michael Tiemann: Red Hat's CTO examines his role and the future of Linux (Feb 26, 2000)

InfoWorld: Red Hat unveils enterprise editions of Linux (Feb 23, 2000)

InfoWorld: The Corel-Inprise merger: a union of software chameleons (Feb 09, 2000)

CNN: IBM leads Linux charge (Feb 09, 2000)

InfoWorld: Corel, Inprise see greener pastures Linux-way (Feb 09, 2000)

InfoWorld: Linux touted for Intel Itanium processor (Feb 06, 2000)

InfoWorld: Linux vendors think small (Jan 29, 2000)

InfoWorld: IBM rolls out Unix porting tool for AS/400 (Jan 27, 2000)

InfoWorld: John M. Thompson: IBM's GM of software talks about the future of...software division (Jan 18, 2000)

InfoWorld: Linux takes the operating system scene by storm (Jan 16, 2000)

InfoWorld: IBM redoubles its Linux development efforts (Jan 11, 2000)

InfoWorld: VA Linux to host online repository for open-source projects (Jan 05, 2000)

InfoWorld: Vendors spell out plan for Linux-based handwriting recognition software (Dec 22, 1999)

InfoWorld: VA Linux picks distribution partner for Debian GNU/Linux bundle (Dec 03, 1999)

InfoWorld: Sun, Inprise to bring Java 2 Platform to Linux (Dec 03, 1999)

InfoWorld: Red Hat inks services deal with Autozone (Dec 02, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM pumps up support for Linux app developers (Nov 24, 1999)

InfoWorld: Linux creator Torvalds extols open-source way (Nov 17, 1999)

InfoWorld: Linux vendor Red Hat merges with Cygnus (Nov 16, 1999)

InfoWorld: Red Hat extends support beyond its own Linux flavor (Nov 04, 1999)

InfoWorld: Corel, PC Chips ink Linux-related bundling deal (Nov 02, 1999)

InfoWorld: Red hat, Compaq extend partnership with support deal (Oct 19, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM readies spruced-up applications suite for NT (Oct 08, 1999)

InfoWorld: Linus Torvalds says open source not a guarantee of success (Oct 07, 1999)

InfoWorld: Red Hat rolls out user-friendly Linux update (Oct 04, 1999)

Infoworld: India-based Web site offers raft of free OSes (Sep 23, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM's Monterey claims success with Merced (Sep 17, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM extends Linux support to ThinkPad portables (Sep 17, 1999)

InfoWorld: Caldera updates OpenLinux (Sep 15, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM courts ISPs with multiplatform apps plan (Sep 12, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM to let loose with servers aimed at ISPs, ASPs (Sep 08, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM: Microsoft must improve Windows 2000 (Aug 31, 1999)

InfoWorld: [IBM] WebSphere scalability add-ons pack a punch (Aug 25, 1999)

ComputerWorld: IBM, Sun axe thin-client JavaOS (Aug 25, 1999)

InfoWorld: Momentum behind Linux continues to build, IDC says (Aug 18, 1999)

Computer World: SCO targets enterprise Linux users (Aug 17, 1999)

InfoWorld: Intel's Grove surprises Linux crowd with IA-64 demo (Aug 11, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM to offer Netfinity on Linux (Jul 31, 1999)

InfoWorld: Red Hat unwraps Linux-based e-commerce server (Jul 28, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM adds Linux section to developerWorks Web site (Jul 22, 1999)

InfoWorld: Madge extends Token Ring support for Linux (Jul 14, 1999)

InfoWorld: Red Hat picks Global Knowledge as training partner (Jul 14, 1999)

InfoWorld: IBM sets its sights on ISP and ASP markets for the RS/6000 (Jul 11, 1999)

InfoWorld: Lotus to offer Linux version of Domino server (Jul 10, 1999)

CNN: IBM strikes Linux deal with Caldera (Jun 27, 1999)

InfoWorld: TurboLinux inks pact with Sendmail (Jun 25, 1999)

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