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Why I think RMS is a fanatic, and why that matters. (Jun 12, 2012)

What a Modern Collaboration Toolkit Looks Like (Jan 02, 2008)

My Resolve to Treat Microsoft Like Any Other License Submitter is Being Sorely Tested (Aug 31, 2007) ESR Gives Up on Fedora (Feb 21, 2007) World Domination 201 (Jan 04, 2007)

Armed and Dangerous: Microsoft Tries to Recruit Me (Sep 09, 2005)

ESR: Paranoid Dismissal of Criticism Considered Harmful (May 24, 2005)

ONLamp: Open Letter to Sun from Eric Raymond (Nov 23, 2004) Fedora Core on Thinkpad X40 Customization HOWTO (Aug 06, 2004)

ESR: The Final Virus: A Science-Fiction Story (Jul 13, 2004)

ESR: Terminology Wars: A Web Content Analysis (Jul 05, 2004)

ESR: Halloween XI: Get The FUD (Jun 22, 2004)

ESR: "Free Hardware": A Trojan Horse? (Jun 03, 2004)

ESR: Samizdat: Stinks on Ice (May 29, 2004)

NewsForge: Commentary: If Only Cisco Code Had Been Open Source (May 19, 2004)

ESR: Letter of Support to AutoZone (Mar 03, 2004)

Responses to ESR's "Luxury of Ignorance" (Mar 01, 2004)

ESR: The Luxury of Ignorance: An Open-Source Horror Story (Feb 26, 2004)

ESR: Let Java Go, Round 2 (Feb 19, 2004)

ESR: Open Letter to Sun: Let Java Go (Feb 16, 2004) What Does 2004 Hold in Store for Linux? (Nov 22, 2003)

ESR: The Glider: Proposal for a Hacker Emblem (Oct 31, 2003)

ESR: After Sun Goes Out (Oct 02, 2003)

Response to SCO's Open Letter (Sep 10, 2003)

Update: ESR Confirms DoS Attack; Hacker to End Attack (Aug 25, 2003)

NewsForge: An Open Letter to Darl McBride (Aug 22, 2003)

ESR: SCO's Evidence: This Smoking Gun Fizzles Out (Aug 21, 2003) OSI Position Paper on the SCO-vs.-IBM Complaint [rev. 2.1] (Jun 24, 2003)

OSI President Responds to SCO's DoS Claims (May 07, 2003)

ESR: "This is a Strike at the Heart of our Community" (Mar 07, 2003) Halloween VIII: Doing the Damage-Control Dance (Jan 03, 2003) Halloween VII: Survey Says (Nov 06, 2002)

Eric S. Raymond: Aunt Tillie builds a kernel (Jan 14, 2002)

Eric S. Raymond: Thank you, Microsoft, but no thanks! (Nov 09, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: If you can't stand the heat... (Oct 20, 2001)

Linux Journal: The Ultimate Linux Box 2001: How to Design Your Dream Machine With Eric Raymond (Oct 13, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: How To Ask Questions The Smart Way (Sep 10, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: VA going proprietary? Naahhh... (Aug 25, 2001) Why Microsoft Smears-and Fears-Open Source [Eric Raymond] (Aug 18, 2001)

Eric Raymond: Freedom, Power, or Confusion? [ESR on debate between O'Reilly and FSF] (Aug 17, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: Open Source -- it's about control, and maybe about healing (Jul 31, 2001)

Eric Raymond: Kernel configuration. It's not just a job, it's an adventure! (Jun 19, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: Microsoft and the Big Lie (Jun 01, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: Microsoft's "Shared Source" plan -- such a deal! (May 18, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: Reliance on closed source for security considered harmful (May 15, 2001)

LinuxProgramming: Eric S. Raymond: CML2 1.2.8 is available (Apr 26, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: When Times Get Hard [Notes on VA Linux and the Tech Downturn] (Feb 21, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: Chapters 3 and 4 of "The Art of Unix Programming" Released (Feb 09, 2001)

Eric S. Raymond: Open letter to Carly Fiorina and HP (Oct 18, 2000)

Eric S. Raymond: Is the SDMI boycott backfiring? (Oct 04, 2000)

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