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Linux Journal: What Can't Open Source Achieve in the Next 10 Years? (Dec 15, 2006)

Linux Journal: Why We Need an Open Source Second Life (Nov 30, 2006)

Linux Journal: Who Else Gains from a GPL'd Java? (Nov 17, 2006)

Linux Journal: GPLv3: What the Hackers Said (Oct 25, 2006)

The Guardian: GPL Backers Agree to Disagree (Oct 20, 2006)

Linux Journal: A Question of Choice (Oct 19, 2006)

Linux Journal: Microsoft's Masterpiece of FUD (Sep 20, 2006)

Linux Journal: Free Software's Secret Weapon: FOOGL (Aug 20, 2006)

Linux Journal: Google: The Godfather of Open Source? (Aug 10, 2006)

Linux Journal: Does Dual Licensing Threaten Free Software? (Jul 28, 2006)

The Guardian: Freedom Fighter with a Guilty Conscience (Jun 10, 2006)

LWN: Learning the Lesson: Open Content Licensing (May 05, 2006)

The Guardian: 'A Lawyer Who Is Also Idealist--How Refreshing' (Mar 31, 2006)

Open...: Why the GPL Doesn't Need a Test Case (Mar 24, 2006)

Open...: What Open Source Can Learn from Microsoft (Mar 23, 2006)

The Guardian: Knoppix Has It Covered (Jul 19, 2005)

Netcraft: Will Firefox Repeat Netscape's Mistakes? (Jul 27, 2004)

Netcraft: Who's the New (J)Boss? (Jun 05, 2004)

Netcraft: Interview with Miguel de Icaza, Co-founder of Gnome, Ximian and Mono (Apr 30, 2004)

The Guardian: Time for Rearguard Action (Jul 25, 2003)

The Guardian: Open Season (Jan 31, 2003)

The Guardian Online: Free software survives downturn (Jan 11, 2002)

NPR.org: Fresh Air: Audio Interview with "Rebel Code" author Glyn Moody (Feb 27, 2001)

The Guardian: Giving it all away [Free Software backgrounder] (Jan 26, 2001)

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