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IBM to Microsoft: It's Small Biz Server War (Nov 12, 2008)

Broken Windows Can't Be Fixed (Apr 15, 2008)

Linux Is Popular? Now Wait a Minute (Dec 19, 2007)

Broken Windows (Aug 11, 2007)

In a Galaxy Far, Far Away... (May 30, 2007)

Microsoft Watch: Russian Principal: Case Dismissed (Feb 17, 2007)

Two on New Windows CE "Open-Source" Program (Apr 10, 2003)

CNET News: Critics Cite Weak Spots at Microsoft (Feb 21, 2003)

CNET News: How Open is the New Office? (Dec 20, 2002)

Two on META's Microsoft-to-Linux Prediction (Dec 11, 2002)

CNET News: Microsoft Targets Defectors with Discounts (Nov 28, 2002)

CNET News: Sun Muddies StarOffice Plans for OS X (Aug 03, 2002)

CNET News: Microsoft Casts .Net into Upcoming Office (May 16, 2002)

CNET News: Microsoft Program Meets Some Resistance (May 10, 2002)

ZDNet: Judge Raises Eyebrows on MS Settlement (Feb 02, 2002)

CNET: Sources: AOL not bidding for Red Hat (Jan 22, 2002)

CNET: Microsoft Sues Linux Start-up Over Name (Dec 21, 2001)

CNET: Microsoft customers chafe at license changes (Sep 21, 2001)

CNET News.com: Why Microsoft is wary of open source (Jun 18, 2001)

CNET/Yahoo!: Gateway ends "stupid" policies (Apr 27, 2001)

New York Times/CNET: New Microsoft Office faces dual obstacles (Mar 10, 2001)

CNET News.com: Microsoft could win antitrust appeal, legal experts say (Mar 01, 2001)

CNET News.com: Netscape browser ratchets up to version 6.01 (Feb 09, 2001)

CNET News.com: Dell, Oracle to open Linux center (Feb 01, 2001)

CNET News.com: Ken Starr speaks out on Microsoft (Jan 16, 2001)

CNET.com: Slow adoption of new Office, Windows hurting Microsoft (Dec 16, 2000)

CNET News.com: IBM's Palmisano sets sights on business customers (Dec 15, 2000)

CNET News.com: IBM to ship enhanced mainframe, storage systems (Dec 14, 2000)

CNET News.com: IBM to spend $1 billion on Linux in 2001 (Dec 13, 2000)

CNET News.com: Compaq preps Asian Transmeta product; U.S. plans unclear (Nov 09, 2000)

CNET News.com: Dell pokes at Compaq, elegizes WebPC [& comments on Linux] (Sep 22, 2000)

CNET News.com: Judge orders Microsoft to pay Bristol $1 million (Sep 02, 2000)

CNET News.com: California decision raises legal stakes for Microsoft (Aug 31, 2000)

CNET News.com: Even Sun finds it tough to live without Microsoft (Aug 25, 2000)

CNET News.com: Sorting out the Office-on-Linux rumors (Aug 25, 2000)

CNET News.com: SGI chief executive trying to cure past ills (Aug 24, 2000)

CNET News.com: Microsoft ditches two more private lawsuits (Aug 22, 2000)

CNET News.com: Microsoft to release Windows 2000 bug fixes [SP1] (Jul 31, 2000)

CNET News.com: Microsoft: Appeal should be heard by lower court (Jul 26, 2000)

CNET News.com: IBM taps new president, vice chairman (Jul 25, 2000)

CNET News.com: IBM to overhaul its ThinkPad line (Jul 01, 2000)

CNET News.com: Dell to include NetObjects software with hosting service (Jun 30, 2000)

CNET News.com: Handhelds grab spotlight at PC Expo (Jun 27, 2000)

CNET News.com: IBM overhauls voice-recognition strategy (Jun 22, 2000)

CNET News.com: AMD, Intel expand Linux support (Jun 15, 2000)

CNET News.com: IBM ups Linux support with laptops (Jun 12, 2000)

CNET News.com: Judge: Microsoft must be broken in two (Jun 08, 2000)

CNET News.com: Microsoft preps final argument in antitrust case (May 31, 2000)

CNET News.com: Gateway, AOL favor upstart chipmaker over big names (May 31, 2000)

CNET News.com: Appeals court may be next stop for Microsoft (May 26, 2000)

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