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Malware devs embrace open-source (Feb 11, 2012)

US killer spy drone controls switch to Linux (Jan 13, 2012)

Whisper open-sources Android text-encryption app (Dec 22, 2011)

Red Hat engineer renews attack on Windows 8-certified secure boot (Sep 27, 2011)

German ISPs team up with gov agency to clean up malware (Dec 10, 2009)

Leaked memo says Conficker pwns Parliament (Mar 30, 2009)

Linux Border Patrol: Porn Breath Tests for PCs Heralds 'Stop and Scan' (Nov 06, 2008)

Mozilla Guns for Guinness World Record with Firefox 3.0 (May 29, 2008)

Mozilla Mulls Second Release Candidate for Firefox 3.0 (May 27, 2008)

Opera Screeches at Mozilla over Security Disclosure (Feb 19, 2008)

Movie Pirate Forced to Ditch Linux (Aug 24, 2007)

Firefox Lances IE Bug (Jul 18, 2007)

Firm offers to patent security fixes (Jun 07, 2007)

The Register: Just How Buggy is Firefox? (Sep 09, 2006)

The Register: Blue Security calls it quits after attack by renegade spammer (May 19, 2006)

The Register: BitLocker Gives Dual-Boot Systems the Elbow (Apr 29, 2006)

The Register: Linux Worm Targets PHP Flaw (Nov 07, 2005)

The Register: Firefox Gains Ground on IE (Nov 05, 2005)

The Register: Opera Tunes Up to Overtake Firefox (Oct 03, 2005)

The Register: Firefox Loses Momentum (Sep 30, 2005)

The Register: Linux Bluetooth Hackers Hijack Car Audio (Aug 03, 2005)

Novell Ships Open Enterprise Server, Reveals SUSE Linux 9.3 (Mar 10, 2005)

The Register: Firefox Spoofing Flaw Goes International (Feb 09, 2005)

The Register: Schools, Patents and the Future of Linux (Oct 18, 2004)

The Register: Open-Source IP Telephony Slashes Costs (Oct 07, 2004)

The Register: Sasser Ups Cost of Windows--Gartner (May 07, 2004)

The Register: Bug Hunters Go Open Source (Apr 03, 2004)

The Register: Novell Announces SuSE Linux 9.1 (Mar 18, 2004)

Aftenposten: 'DVD-Jon' Demands Compensation (Jan 30, 2004)

The Register: DVD Jon Retrial Begins Today (Dec 03, 2003)

The Register: Novell Looks to Linux to Pull It Out of the Red (Nov 22, 2003)

The Register: Security Firm Takes Trusted Linux Onboard (Oct 28, 2003)

The Register: Linux Defector Colt Firing Blanks (Jul 18, 2003)

The Register: MobiliX v. Asterix in Plea to Top German Court (May 30, 2003)

The Register: MS Legal Threat Derails Foxpro on Linux Demo (Apr 18, 2003)

Update: The Register: Apache Urges Update Ahead of DoS Risk Alert (Apr 09, 2003)

The Register: DVD Jon Gets Retrial Date (Apr 02, 2003)

The Register: Open and Closed Security are Roughly Equivalent (Feb 13, 2003)

The Register: All Bugs are Created Equal (Dec 13, 2002)

The Register: Sun Aims to Oust MSOffice from UK Schools (Nov 13, 2002)

The Register: Mozilla Riddled with Security Holes (Nov 06, 2002)

Brussels to Spend €250k on Linux Migration Study (Nov 01, 2002)

The Register: Online Banks, Retailers Shut Out Linux, Opera, Konqueror Fans (Oct 25, 2002)

The Register: Scottish Power Disconnects Linux Users (Oct 22, 2002)

The Register: November 18 Date Set for UnitedLinux (Oct 11, 2002)

The Register: Worms Turn on Win/Linux Users (Oct 07, 2002)

The Register: Linux Rootkit Hacker Suspect Arrested in UK (Sep 20, 2002)

The Register: Linux Attacks on the Rise? (Jul 15, 2002)

The Register: Red Card for Mac and Linux Users on World Cup Clips Site (May 30, 2002)

The Register: Alan Cox Attacks the European DMCA (May 01, 2002)

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