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Dell Sues Tiger Direct, Alleges Old Computers Sold As New (Apr 29, 2009)

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CMP TechWeb: IBM To Partners: Here's $3,000 For Linux (Mar 04, 2001)

TechWeb: IBM To Unveil New Linux Moves (Feb 20, 2001)

CRN: Lanop To Offer Linux Training (Jan 04, 2001)

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Ch@nnelWeb: Ebiz Acquires Jones, Forms Linux/SCO White Box Powerhouse (Nov 22, 2000)

Ch@nnelWeb: TurboLinux Founders Start New SSP (Oct 24, 2000)

CRN.com: Cobalt, IBM Ready Appliance Servers (Oct 11, 2000)

Ch@nnelWeb: Sun's $2B Cobalt Acquisition Brings It To Entry-Level Hosting, ASP Market (Sep 20, 2000)

CRN: Support For Linux-Over-Unix Grows (Aug 12, 2000)

Techweb: IBM Unveils Linux Plans For Intel's Monterey (Aug 11, 2000)

CRN: IBM Expands Linux Offerings, Keeps Costs Down, on S/390 (Aug 03, 2000)

CRN: IBM To Introduce Linux Superclusters (Jun 09, 2000)

CRN: IBM: New Servers, And Linux For NUMA-Q Soon (May 25, 2000)

CRN: S/390 Meets Linux (May 18, 2000)

CRN: Einux Ups Rack Density with Four [Linux] Servers in 1U Space (Apr 07, 2000)

TechWeb: Seagate Aims Linux Appliances At ASPs (Apr 07, 2000)

CRN: Cobalt Acquires ChiliSoft For Web Technology (Mar 26, 2000)

CRN: Smaller Is Better With Servers For Hosting Sites (Mar 26, 2000)

CRN: IBM To Introduce More Rackmount Servers (Mar 18, 2000)

CRN: Compaq Introduces Storage Resource Management For Multi-Platforms (Mar 16, 2000)

CRN: Maxtor Ups The NAS Ante (Feb 25, 2000)

CRN: Storage Bringing Visibility To Linux (Feb 19, 2000)

VARBusiness: Storage Vendors Take Steps Toward Open SANs (Feb 09, 2000)

CRN: e-Business in a Box (Feb 09, 2000)

CRN: New IBM Servers Target ISPs, ASPs (Nov 17, 1999)

CRN: Thin Clients Target Embedded NT 4.0 (Oct 27, 1999)

CRN: Gateway becomes Red Hat reseller (Sep 15, 1999)

CRN: HP Entria Adds To E-Services Family (Sep 12, 1999)

VARBusiness: Gateway To Offer Red Hat On ALR Servers (Sep 10, 1999)

CRN: Sun Ray To Rise Next Wednesday (Sep 03, 1999)

CRN: Linux warms up to data storage (Apr 03, 1999)