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VNU Net: Motorola releases high-availability Linux (Mar 08, 2000)

VNU Net: Sun moves to open up Java (Mar 03, 2000)

VNU Net: Cookies crumble under data protection legislation (Feb 29, 2000)

VNU NET: Linux shipments soar while Netware suffers (Feb 12, 2000)

VNUnet: Users should delay major Linux rollouts, says Gartner (Feb 09, 2000)

VNUNet: IBM woos small firms with free Linux development kit (Feb 03, 2000)

VNU NET: IBM to take Unix applications to AS/400 (Jan 25, 2000)

VNUNet: Linux users petition manufacturers for desktop compatibility (Jan 22, 2000)

VNU NET: IBM becomes first hardware vendor to fully support Linux (Jan 11, 2000)

VNU NET: Intel chooses Linux for new Web device range (Jan 06, 2000)

VNUNet.com: Linux and W2K set for head to head (Dec 28, 1999)

VNU Net: Compuware looking at viability of Linux (Nov 02, 1999)

VNU Net: Intel eyes up investment in more Linux ventures (Oct 16, 1999)

VNU NET: Red Hat appoints its first UK distributor (Oct 07, 1999)

VNU NET: Red Hat reveals latest release - Red Hat Linux 6.1 (Oct 06, 1999)

VNU NET: Fujitsu-Caldera deal may clash with Siemens (Oct 01, 1999)

VNU Net: Cygnus propels Linux to embedded systems (Sep 28, 1999)

VNU Net: Linuxone's share offer details risks of Linux (Sep 25, 1999)

VNU Net: Linux Demo Day goes global (Sep 16, 1999)

VNU Net: CA to port Unicenter to SGI Linux servers (Aug 20, 1999)

VNU Net: Big Blue ponders joining Linux on Intel project (Aug 06, 1999)

VUNET UK: IDC doubts IA64 and Windows 2000 impact in Europe (Aug 05, 1999)

VNU Net: SGI launches new Windows NT and Linux machines (Jul 31, 1999)

VNU Net: Latest Linux runs Microsoft apps (Jul 27, 1999)

VNU Newswire: Exclusive: Vendors fail to deliver on Linux support promises (Jul 15, 1999)