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CNET News: SuSE to Bundle SGI Servers (Aug 25, 2003)

ZDNet: SCO's Big Legal Gun Takes Aim (Aug 23, 2003)

CNET News: Getting a Glimpse at SCO's Evidence (Aug 20, 2003)

CNET News: SCO Puts Disputed Code in the Spotlight (Aug 19, 2003)

CNET News: Advocates Form Open-Source Trade Group (Aug 07, 2003)

CNET News: SuSE, SAP Team on Customer Support (Jul 25, 2003)

CNET News: Can Open Source Win Big Business? (Apr 15, 2003)

CNET News: MySQL Boasts Might Against Big Players (Apr 12, 2003)

CNET News: Open-Source Battle Rages in Oregon (Apr 10, 2003)

CNET News: .Net Patent Could Stifle Standards Effort (Feb 12, 2003)

ZDNet UK: Norway Piracy Case Brings activists Hope (Jan 14, 2003)

CNET News: Vision Series--Open Source (Dec 07, 2002)

CNET News: Ogg Vorbis Official Release is Here (Jul 22, 2002)

CNET News: Linux Geeks Play Hollywood Politics (Apr 15, 2002)

ZDNet: DeCSS code-crack dispute back in court (Apr 29, 2001)

CNET News.com: DOJ stands with film industry in DVD cracking case (Feb 23, 2001)

CNET News.com: ISP won't unplug Web site showing DVD-cracking code (Jan 25, 2001)

ZDNet: Linux users say SDMI contest a trick (Sep 15, 2000)

Inter@ctive Week: MS v. Consumers: The Other Lawsuits (Jul 15, 2000)

ZDNet: Microsoft vs. DOJ: It's all in the APIs (Jun 06, 2000)

MSNBC/ZDNN: Intellectual property laws in flux (Apr 07, 2000)

ZDNet: Overview: Do we need a 'national plan [on network security]?' (Apr 04, 2000)

ZDNet: Hollywood's war on open source (Feb 29, 2000)

ZDNet.au: Linus has a Crusoe cameo (Jan 20, 2000)

PC Week: Microsoft opinion touches other cases (Nov 10, 1999)

ZDNet: Open source: Where's the money? (Oct 07, 1999)

PC Week: Torvalds comes out swinging at open-source wannabes (Oct 07, 1999)

ZDNET: She-geeks confess love for Linux (Sep 16, 1999)

ZDNN: Joy [Sun] details pros, cons of open source (Aug 25, 1999)

ZDNN: Open source's yellow-brick road (Aug 24, 1999)

ZDNet: Linux gets corporate (Aug 14, 1999)

ZDNet: Linux desktop: Closer than you think (Aug 14, 1999)

PC Week: Open-source guru to pay call on Microsoft (Jun 18, 1999)

ZDNN: Torvalds: Look for Linux on desktops and phones (Jun 16, 1999)

ZDNET: From rags to Red Hat (Apr 27, 1999)

ZDNet: Linux hamstrung by lack of standards? (Apr 21, 1999)

MSNBC: Gates, Torvalds square off (Apr 20, 1999)

ZDNet: Designers: IE 5 a lost opportunity (Mar 20, 1999)

ZDNN: Linux preps for desktop assault (Mar 04, 1999)

PC Week: Torvalds: Linux will compete at high and low ends (Mar 03, 1999)

ZDNN: Linux takes aim at the desktop (Mar 03, 1999)

ZDNet: LinuxWorld: A chance to shine (Mar 01, 1999)