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ExtremeTech: Glaser: Open Source Is the Answer to the DRM Question (Jan 14, 2003)

eWEEK: Open-Source Smoke Screen (Oct 12, 2002)

eWeek: Microsoft and Open Source: If You Can't Beat 'Em� (Aug 08, 2002)

eWeek: RMS rips Microsoft, Caldera's Ransom Love (May 30, 2001)

ZDNet: Take that! Linux beats MS in benchmark test (May 16, 2001)

ZDNet: Caldera to introduce modified open-source license (May 10, 2001)

CNET News.com: Open-source firm dips into services SOUP (Mar 10, 2001)

CNET News.com: Windows 2000 sales figures only tell part of story; MS marketing 'train wreck' (Feb 09, 2001)

ZDNet: Linux: Do you believe IBM? (Feb 06, 2001)

Smart Partner: Intel says chips will spread the Linux gospel (Feb 02, 2001)

CNET News.com: Microsoft takes a page from Linux; Opens Windows code to 100s of customers (Feb 01, 2001)

CNET News.com: It's official: Opera for Linux and Mac will be free (Feb 01, 2001)

CNET News.com: IBM to step up to plate for Linux at confab (Jan 31, 2001)

CNET News.com: Linux update has corporate appeal (Jan 31, 2001)

CNET News.com: Corel to reveal new business plan; Linux Global Partners to buy Corel Linux line? (Jan 23, 2001)

ZDNet: Marco Boerries, creator of StarOffice, to leave Sun? (Jan 18, 2001)

CNET News.com: Windows 2000 marketing head & counter-Linux team head leaves Microsoft (Jan 10, 2001)

ZDNet: Linus: Partying hard over Linux 2.4 [Linus Q & A on the new kernel] (Jan 07, 2001)

CNET News.com: Transmeta to help AMD push into servers (Jan 03, 2001)

ZDNet: The Year of Predicting Dangerously?; 2001 the "Year of Managed Services" for Linux? (Dec 29, 2000)

CNET News.com: Microsoft ships trial version of embedded Whistler OS (Dec 20, 2000)

ZDNet: Corel to sell its Linux arm (Dec 15, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Gerstner's $5bn spending spree includes $1bn IBM investment in Linux next year (Dec 13, 2000)

Smart Partner: Not All Linuxes Run On Pentium 4s (Dec 12, 2000)

ZDNet: Open-source backers: Are you afraid? (Dec 08, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Free Opera: Start of something big? (Dec 07, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Opera to fan the browser-war flames with free release (Dec 01, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Codemorphing: Fresh as a DAISY (Dec 01, 2000)

ZDNet: Linux fiesta in the Lone Star State (Nov 27, 2000)

ZDNet: Is Corel's Linux business for sale? (Nov 21, 2000)

ZDNet: Corel: Still full-speed ahead on Linux (Nov 15, 2000)

ZDNet: KDE backers to form a league of their own; KDE League comparable to GNOME Foundation (Nov 14, 2000)

ZDNet: Es su casa Microsoft's casa?; MS vs. Gateway/AOL/Linux on the home front (Nov 14, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Experts argue over Netscape 6.0 (Nov 09, 2000)

ZDNet News: Long live the OS wars (Nov 03, 2000)

eWeek: IBM seals huge Linux deal - Lawson convenience stores, Japan (Nov 03, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Riding on the open source wagon (Nov 01, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Windows vs Linux: Duelling betas launch (Nov 01, 2000)

ZDNet: Should all software be open sourced? (Oct 27, 2000)

ZDNet: Kopernicus: Linux made easy (Oct 25, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Neutrino OS is Unix flavour of the month (Oct 21, 2000)

ZDNet: Get your red hot Linux apps -- from Chilliware (Oct 20, 2000)

ZDNet: A kinder, humbler Microsoft? (Oct 20, 2000)

eWeek: Open-source angst: Fear of forking; Linux to follow Samba? (Oct 17, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Sun StarOffice: Open source for the masses (Oct 14, 2000)

eWeek: Linux 2.4 kernel release delayed (Oct 10, 2000)

ZDNet: Why did Microsoft really buy into Corel? (Oct 04, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Gates vs. Noorda: Here we go again? [Company threatened over NTFS support on Linux] (Sep 27, 2000)

ZDNet: Open source: KDE hits back at GNOME (Sep 09, 2000)

ZDNet: MS on Linux: Thanks, but no thanks (Sep 08, 2000)

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