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IE, Firefox, and the Add-on Security Problem (Nov 25, 2008)

IE8 Coming in 2009, But Will it be Late to the Firefox Party? (Nov 22, 2008)

'Dark Knight' on its Way to Becoming 2008's Most Pirated Movie (Nov 22, 2008)

Microsoft Spoiling for a Red Hat Fight With Web Apps on Linux (Nov 15, 2008)

Open Source: The New Patent Regime (Nov 14, 2008)

CTOs Vote for Open Source, But Buy Proprietary Software (Nov 14, 2008)

Shuttleworth: There's More to Linux Development Than Kernel Hacks (Nov 11, 2008)

Open-Xchange Nabs $9 Million to Fight Exchange (Nov 05, 2008)

Ubuntu's Rising Revenue Makes a Small Dent in Microsoft (Oct 28, 2008)

BMW Wants to Pimp Your Ride With Open Source (Oct 24, 2008)

Think Firefox 3 is fast? Try Firefox Minefield (Oct 24, 2008)

Memory Lane: Microsoft Blames Red Hat For Not Making Linux Popular Enough (Oct 21, 2008)

The Dying Embers of Microsoft's IP Claims Against Open Source (Oct 21, 2008)

Microsoft Starts Distributing Open-Source Drupal (Oct 18, 2008)

Google's Android Also Comes With a 'Kill Switch' (Oct 17, 2008)

Who Needs an Open-Source Strategy? You Do (Oct 14, 2008)

Cisco: All the Open Source That's Fit to Ship (Oct 09, 2008)

NSA: Open Source Provides Extreme Security at Lower Cost (Oct 09, 2008)

Red Hat CIO: The Secret to Open-Source Success is "Iteration" (Oct 07, 2008)

Is the End Near For Independent Open Source? (Oct 03, 2008)

Making Multi-Player Games an (Almost) Open-Source Experience (Oct 03, 2008)

At What Price Will Oracle Start Sniffing Around Red Hat Again? (Oct 03, 2008)

Conflicting Opinions on Windows Mobile: Open Source or Open FUD? (Oct 02, 2008)

Microsoft Finally Acknowledges That Open Source is Mainstream (Oct 01, 2008)

Microsoft's Newest TCO Study Overlooks Windows Biggest Cost (Sep 26, 2008)

Some Intriguing Data Behind Red Hat's 29 Percent Growth (Sep 26, 2008)

Open Source: The New Usability Testing (Sep 26, 2008)

A Breakthrough for Open Source in the UK (Sep 25, 2008)

Open Source Founders Doubling Up on Startups (Sep 23, 2008)

Intellectual Ventures: A Massive Patent Pyramid Scheme? (Sep 20, 2008)

VMware: A "Significant Portion" of our Technology May Include Open Source (Sep 19, 2008)

HP's "Innovation" Reeks of Self-Promotion (Sep 19, 2008)

Adobe AIR Launches on Linux (Sep 18, 2008)

Scratch: Open-Source Programming for Kids (Sep 18, 2008)

Microsoft's Interoperability Dodge in UK Schools (Sep 18, 2008)

Open Source Teaches us How to Sell Games (Sep 17, 2008)

Report: IT Spending to Drop, but Red Hat and Oracle to Clean Up (Sep 12, 2008)

Survey: 96 Percent of Enterprises Not Deploying Ubuntu Server (Sep 12, 2008)

Working With Windows and Linux, Playing With the Mac (Aug 30, 2008)

Google's Weird Ways With Open-source Licenses (Aug 30, 2008)

Linux Jumps to 13.4 Percent of the Stalling Server Market (Aug 29, 2008)

The Problem With Open-source Revenue Models (Aug 28, 2008)

Desktop Linux Proves its Mettle in Emerging Markets (Aug 26, 2008)

Infectious Disease Surveillance System Goes Open Source (Aug 26, 2008)

Linux and Sex Battle it Out in Utah (Aug 26, 2008)

Microsoft Wants to "Build Windows." How About Bridges? (Aug 23, 2008)

Firefox to Surpass IE? Yes, But Only Among the Geeks (Aug 19, 2008)

Departing CIO Blames Microsoft For His Security Troubles (Aug 19, 2008)

Mark Shuttleworth's Evolving Ubuntu Desktop War (Aug 15, 2008)

Red Hat: Gateway to Open Source in Latin America (Aug 13, 2008)

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