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Cheese the Friendly Worm On the Loose (patching lion-compromised machines as it goes) (May 17, 2001)

Enterprise Linux Today: Caldera Adds Online Software Management Service to Volution With Acquisition (May 14, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Falling Down on the Job, Climbing Out of Post-Ximian Depression (May 12, 2001)

Opera for Linux Set to Go "Gold" Next Week (May 11, 2001)

Every Revolution Needs Its Minstrels (May 05, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: Ximian GNOME 1.4: The Monkey Has Landed: The Ximian Desktop Experience (May 04, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: Ximian GNOME 1.4: The Monkey Has Landed (May 01, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Assessing What We Owe (Apr 28, 2001)

Stormix Confirms Layoffs and Suspension of Operations (Apr 25, 2001)

Ximian GNOME 1.4 is out (Apr 25, 2001)

Enterprise LinuxToday: IBM Acquires Informix Database Products for $1 Billion (Apr 24, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: GNOME Fans of the World... Relax (Apr 21, 2001)

LinuxProgramming Links for April 18, 2001 (Apr 19, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices Weekly Newsletter for April 18, 2001 (Apr 19, 2001)

Slackware Commercial Distribution Left in Doubt as Developers Are Laid Off (Apr 18, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: G.Mate Announces Second Round of Price Cuts on Yopy Developer Edition (Apr 18, 2001)

Ximian Gets a New CEO (Apr 17, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Midnight Travels With Progeny (Apr 14, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: Indrema CEO Discusses the Close of His Company (Apr 12, 2001)

WIRED Report Says Adore and Lion Worms Are Tools of Chinese Hacktivists (Apr 11, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: PocketLinux Pulls the Plug on Helio Support (Apr 10, 2001)

NSA Grants $1.2 Million Contract to Continue Work on Its Security Enhanced Linux (Apr 10, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Bugs, Press Releases, and Molasses: The GNOME 1.4 Launch Considered (Apr 07, 2001)

UPDATED: AllLinuxDevices: BSDi Acquired by Embedded Computing Firm Wind River (Apr 06, 2001)

SourceXchange Closes Down Due to Lack of Interest (Apr 06, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: Linux SmartPhone to Feature Voice Control (Apr 05, 2001)

UPDATED: GNOME 1.4 Release Delayed, Expected Ready by Day's End (Apr 03, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Googlizer: GNOME's Handy Search Applet and Gift Horse of the Week (Apr 02, 2001)

Evans Data Pulls FreeBSD From Its List of "Linux Distributions" (Mar 30, 2001)

Despite Earlier Rumors, Zelerate's Still in Business (Mar 30, 2001)

Evans Research Survey Says 77% of Linux Developers Prefer Red Hat (Mar 30, 2001)

Survey Results from SuSE: Users Believe Linux is more stable, 23% Will Consider Switch (Mar 28, 2001)

Caldera Rebrands UnixWare: Introduces Linux Compatibility Layer to Upcoming "Open UNIX 8" (Mar 27, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Nautilus Revisited: Unhappy Users Make All the Wrong Demands (Mar 24, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: One Up, One Down: 3Com Kills Kerbango, NICC Releases Second-Gen NIC Hardware (Mar 23, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: Metrowerks Ports CodeWarrior for PlayStation 2 to Linux (Mar 22, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: Sharp's Linux-based PDA's Will Include Streaming Multimedia Component (Mar 21, 2001)

Red Hat Drops Anonymous up2date Services, Introduces Service Fees For Some Users (Mar 20, 2001)

Caldera OpenLinux Workstation 3.1 Available for Download Thursday (Mar 19, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: New Internet Computer Company Releases NIC 2.0 (Mar 17, 2001)

UK Patent Office: Software Patents Pose No Threat to Open Source, But Should Be Limited (Mar 16, 2001)

Enterprise Linux Today: IBM Announces Broad Expansion of Linux Storage Offerings (Mar 16, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: Review: Nautilus 1.0: Has Eazel Earned Its Place in GNOME? (Mar 16, 2001)

GNOME File Manager Nautilus 1.0 Is Out (Mar 14, 2001)

Free Standards Group Releases Version 1.1 of the Linux Development Platform Specification (Mar 13, 2001)

AllLinuxDevices: Agenda Computing Set to Launch Linux Handheld at COMDEX Chicago (Mar 10, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Bluefish: GNOME's Happy HTML Hybrid (Mar 10, 2001)

LinuxPlanet: gnotebook: Two for the Web: gnobog and Encompass (Mar 03, 2001)

Transmeta Announces New Executive Structure (Mar 02, 2001)

Caldera Announces Q1 Results: SCO Acquisition Cited as Cause of Greater Losses than Q4 (Mar 01, 2001)

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