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The Register: Via pushes $200 Internet PC (Sep 20, 2000)

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The Register: Intel intros dotage.station (Aug 24, 2000)

The Register: Transmeta strikes .13 micron notebook stroke (Jul 25, 2000)

The Register: Intel red-faced over Red Hat erratumnotbug (Jul 20, 2000)

The Register: Transmeta not x86 compatible - Intel (Jul 13, 2000)

The Register: Big Q [Compaq] denies W2k Alpha reports (Jun 22, 2000)

The Register: Linux beating Win64 to Itanium punch (Jun 19, 2000)

The Register: Bill Gates says nothing... at great length (Jun 13, 2000)

The Register: Microsoft software like heroin addiction -- Red Hat (Jun 13, 2000)

The Register: Transmeta to hit 1GHz by year-end (Jun 12, 2000)

The Register: Acer takes Transmeta punt (Jun 10, 2000)

The Register: FICkle finger points to Transmeta fete (Jun 07, 2000)

The Register: Linux racked by sub-$1000 frame (Jun 07, 2000)

The Register: Intel's mobile underbelly targeted by Transmeta (Apr 25, 2000)

The Register: Microsoft mole spills beans on weenies (Apr 17, 2000)

The Register: German firm confirms it owns MP3 (Mar 28, 2000)

The Register: IBM fleshes out Eon strategy (Mar 08, 2000)

WideOpenNews/The Register: Sun Hits Back at Intel Itanium Tale (Feb 29, 2000)

The Register: NatSemi says Transmeta, Intel no threat to Geode (Feb 28, 2000)

The Register: USB 2.0 spec two, three months away (Feb 28, 2000)

The Register: Solaris for Itanium looking dead flakey (Feb 15, 2000)

The Register: Proto-Itaniums reach proto-Forum (Feb 15, 2000)

The Register: Celerons and Linux to power Intel Web appliances (Jan 06, 2000)

The Register: FIC to bundle OpenLinux 2.3 with PCs (Nov 26, 1999)

The Register: Linux could pip other OSes to Merced post (Sep 15, 1999)

The Register: Compaq pursues aggressive Linux strategy (Sep 07, 1999)

The Register: Merced silicon happens: Linux runs, NT doesn't (Aug 26, 1999)

The Register: Big Blue to push Linux supported twin-600MHz box next week (Aug 19, 1999)