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Lists vs. Strings: Perl List Permutations For Linux Or Unix (Sep 04, 2008)

Number Pools And Guaranteed Combinations Within Fixed Strings (Sep 03, 2008)

Online Encyclopedia Shell Script For Linux And Unix (Sep 01, 2008)

More Funny Unix, Linux and Mainframe Error Messages (Aug 31, 2008)

Mac OS X Shell Scripting Tips For Young And Old (Aug 30, 2008)

The Upside Down Of HTML On Unix and Linux: Backward (Aug 29, 2008)

Unix and Linux Online Language Translation Script (Aug 28, 2008)

The Hacker Test: More Linux and Unix Humor (Aug 25, 2008)

Displaying System Information On Linux or Unix With Cfg2html (Aug 24, 2008)

More Weekend Humor Of The Linux and Unix Variety (Aug 24, 2008)

9 Simple Ways To Recover Your Screen on Linux and Unix (Aug 23, 2008)

Unix and Linux Online Dictionary Shell Script (Aug 21, 2008)

How To Manage Your Disk By UUID On Linux (Aug 21, 2008)

Finding Running Process ID's On Linux Using Pidof (Aug 20, 2008)

The Hacker's Dictionary And Anxiety Meds (Aug 17, 2008)

Back To Basics: Avoiding Recursive Alias Disasters On Linux And Unix (Aug 15, 2008)

Finding Your Google Index Rank With The Linux Or Unix CLI (Aug 14, 2008)

Recovering Deleted Files By Inode Number In Linux And Unix (Aug 13, 2008)

Using Grep To Streamline Your Shell And Command Line Scripting (Aug 09, 2008)

Using Bash To Feed Command Output To A While Loop Without Using Pipes! (Aug 07, 2008)

Using Grub To Change RedHat Linux's Root Password (Aug 06, 2008)

Humor And Disaster - The Chicken Crossing The Road (Aug 04, 2008)

Absolute Nonsense - More Weekend Unix and Linux Levity (Aug 04, 2008)

How to run RedHat and CentOS Linux in an Open Solaris Zone. (Aug 02, 2008)

Insanely Securing Your Unix or Linux Systems (Aug 01, 2008)

Using Sysctl To Change Kernel Tunables On Linux (Jul 30, 2008)

Shell Script To Emulate A Thesaurus For Linux or Unix (Jul 29, 2008)

More Perl One Liners For Linux Or Unix (Jul 26, 2008)

Simple Multiple-Steam Output Redirection With Zsh On Linux and Unix (Jul 24, 2008)

Fancy Globbing With Zsh On Linux and Unix (Jul 23, 2008)

Using Perltidy To Beautify Ugly Perl Scripts (Jul 22, 2008)

Perl and Bash Versions Of Binary To Decimal Conversion Script (Jul 19, 2008)

Converting Binary Numbers To Decimal The Hard Way On Linux Or Unix (Jul 18, 2008)

A Little Linux and Unix Humor - Error Messages (Jul 15, 2008)

Using Screen, Script, Mkfifo And Redirection To Watch Or Log User Sessions (Jul 14, 2008)

Double Spacing In Awk, Perl and Shell on Linux and Unix (Jul 09, 2008)

Variable MultiLine Spacing With Sed On Linux Or Unix (Jul 08, 2008)

UnConfusing The Issue Of Disabling Root On Linux or Unix (Jul 07, 2008)

Using Strings To Safely Get Program Usage Information On Linux And Unix (Jul 01, 2008)

Fight Phishing From The Unix Or Linux Command Line (Jul 01, 2008)

Simple Perl Script To Ease Console Server Use On Linux And Unix (Jun 26, 2008)

LVM Quick Command Reference For Linux And Unix (Jun 18, 2008)

Removing Logical Devices Using LVM On Linux And Unix (Jun 17, 2008)

Using NTSYSV To Manage Linux Services (Jun 16, 2008)

Using Chkconfig To Manage Linux Service Run Levels (Jun 13, 2008)

Monitoring and Display Commands For LVM On Linux And Unix (Jun 12, 2008)

How To Get Started With Logical Volume Management In Linux (Jun 11, 2008)

Finding The Number Of Open File Descriptors Per Process On Linux And Unix (Jun 11, 2008)

Distributing New SSH Keys Using Rsh On Linux And Unix (Jun 10, 2008)

Using Perl To Handle Mass Mailing In Linux Or Unix (Jun 10, 2008)

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