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Articles by Nicholas Petreley - Page 2 7 steps to a successful GeForce3 installation (Dec 21, 2001) More on properly training Mutt (Dec 13, 2001) A Mutt that isn't a dog (Dec 03, 2001) Reiserfs or ext3: Which journaling filesystem is right for you? (Nov 21, 2001) Open source programmers stink at error handling (Oct 26, 2001)

LinuxWorld: The Outlook on Evolution & Aethera (Sep 07, 2001)

InfoWorld: Microsoft's bait and switch (Jul 28, 2001)

InfoWorld: Gnome gets Mono (Jul 22, 2001)

InfoWorld: MS masters NC mind-set (Jun 18, 2001)

ITWorld: Communicate with your Linux box using your Palm Pilot as a terminal (May 13, 2001) Replacing a Linux gateway with a cheap appliance (Apr 21, 2001)

ITWorld: Setting up a Linux-based Website, Part 3 (Apr 14, 2001)

ITWorld: Setting up a Linux Web server, Part 2 (Playing musical NIC cards) (Apr 08, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Setting up a Linux Web server (Apr 01, 2001) Linux Loves the Slow Economy (Mar 25, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Enrolling in Qt University (Mar 18, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Closing down OpenMail: It's not about profit (Mar 12, 2001)

Linux World: How a Linux standard would benefit distributors (Mar 05, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Make Debian the base standard - apt-get beats RPM (Feb 26, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Achieving a Linux standard (Feb 19, 2001)

LinuxWorld: The Penguin Brief: The Golden Penguin Bowl (Feb 12, 2001)

LinuxWorld: It's the desktop, stupid - Lose sight of the desktop and risk losing the server, as well (Feb 04, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Java's future lies with Linux (Jan 28, 2001) Design the LSB logo (Jan 20, 2001) Linux 2.4 and USB: Until drivers ship with products, Linux will not rule desktops (Jan 20, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Open source tips for Intel and AMD - A little chipset war never hurt anyone (Jan 14, 2001)

LinuxWorld: New Year predictions and VMware revisited (Jan 07, 2001)

LinuxWorld: Linux lyrics for the holidays (Dec 27, 2000)

LinuxWorld: The gift of open source; KDE2 and a wealth of browsers (Dec 16, 2000)

InfoWorld: Am I the only one who doesn't know why to use VMware? (Dec 10, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Making money on open source (Dec 03, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Is a money maker? - Is a hybrid open source market the key? (Dec 03, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Is Windows now playing catchup to Linux? - More on Win4Lin, XFree86, and the rumor (Nov 24, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Win4Lin takes the pain out of Windows (Nov 18, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Open source closes backdoors - Security through code obscurity provides false confidence (Nov 12, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Go for broke on open source Java (Nov 04, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Tips on reiserfs - How to install the file system (Oct 29, 2000)

LinuxWorld: LDPS 1.0 lays an egg - Developers can safely ignore this specification (Oct 22, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Packaging and installation issues for Linux and LSB (Oct 13, 2000)

InfoWorld: Without aggressive leadership, Linux Standard Base is doomed to irrelevance (Oct 07, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Why Sun really bought Cobalt (Sep 30, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Fair wages for Trolltech (Sep 24, 2000)

LinuxWorld: What do the CCA and MPAA really want? (Sep 09, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Napster and DeCSS: Is it about free speech or free stuff? (Sep 03, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Roundtable roundup (Aug 26, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Geek Bowl on the Qt - Out-of-box features impress our resident game show host (Aug 19, 2000)

LinuxWorld: Invisible Linux (Aug 12, 2000)

InfoWorld: Qt is still a prime choice for toolkits even if you ignore its greatest strengths (Aug 06, 2000)

LinuxWorld: The death of Microsoft Office (Jul 30, 2000)

LinuxWorld: A developer's dream (Jul 23, 2000)

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