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CodePlex Users get Application Analytics Data (May 11, 2010)

Update on the Windows 7 USB/DVD Tool (Delay in releasing GPL code) (Nov 25, 2009)

Panel: Weakening Economy Good for Open Source (Mar 29, 2008)

OSBC Panel Looks at the Future of the OS (Mar 27, 2008)

Novell CEO Looks to the Future (Mar 19, 2008)

Microsoft Upbeat about Windows on the OLPC's XO (Feb 09, 2008)

Open Source Gets a Wall Street Boost (Feb 09, 2008)

Interoperability Still Stumbling Block for Open Source in 2008 (Jan 05, 2008)

Open Document Format Can Evolve Without Foundation Input (Nov 29, 2007)

Debate Simmers on Why ODF Shuttered its Doors (Nov 29, 2007)

Forrester Calls Desktop Linux a Credible Threat to Windows (Nov 15, 2007)

Document Format Dispute Spills into the Open (Nov 06, 2007)

Linux Community Questions x86 Server Numbers (Oct 31, 2007)

Linux Losing Market Share to Windows Server (Oct 26, 2007)

Microsoft's Patent Scare Tactics 'Not That Unusual' (Oct 23, 2007)

Red Hat: Customers Can Deploy Linux with Confidence (Oct 11, 2007)

Open Source Is the Big Disruptor (Sep 25, 2007)

Is Open Source the Best Way to Unlock the Value of IT? (Sep 24, 2007)

Gartner: No New Unix Apps to Emerge After 2009 (Sep 21, 2007)

OSI Calls for Major Revisions to Microsoft Permissive License (Sep 21, 2007)

Commercial Software Will Include Open Source, Gartner Says (Sep 21, 2007)

Microsoft Still a Monopoly, 7 State Attorneys Say (Sep 01, 2007)

Will Microsoft Buy the New Citrix? (Aug 17, 2007)

Vista Aiding Linux Desktop, Strategist Says (Aug 09, 2007)

Shuttleworth: Microsoft Fracturing the Open-Source Community (Aug 07, 2007)

OSI Approves New Open-Source License (Jul 27, 2007)

Microsoft: No IP Talks with Red Hat (Jul 17, 2007)

Microsoft Says It Is Not Bound by GPLv3 (Jul 06, 2007)

Red Hat to MS: Let's Talk Interoperability (Jul 05, 2007)

Microsoft Gives OIN the Cold Shoulder (Jun 29, 2007)

Windows Server Woos Linux Customers (Jun 22, 2007)

MS Sees No Conflict with Its Patent/Open Source Initiatives (Jun 02, 2007)

Linux Users Ask for More (Jun 01, 2007)

Novell Goes Public with MS Patent Agreement Documents (May 27, 2007)

Study: Developers Do Not Want GPL 3 to Police Patents (May 24, 2007)

Windows Server 2008 Features Address Linux Challenge (May 19, 2007)

Linux Vendors Welcome Dell's Prebundling Move (May 02, 2007)

Perens Lashes Out at Claims GPL 3 Brings Legal Risks (Apr 10, 2007)

eWeek: ACT Warns of Legal Risk with Latest GPL Draft (Apr 06, 2007)

eWeek: Microsoft's Open XML Format Advances in ISO (Apr 04, 2007)

eWeek: Controversy Swirls Around Changes in GPLv3 (Mar 28, 2007)

eWeek: Is Microsoft Violating Some Patents Covering Open Source? (Nov 23, 2006)

eWeek: Microsoft's Muglia Talks Longhorn, Novell and Java (Nov 21, 2006)

eWeek: Microsoft May Indemnify Some Red Hat Linux Users (Nov 17, 2006)

Microsoft Watch: Red Hat Rejects Patent Agreement with Microsoft (Nov 17, 2006)

eWeek Channel Insider: Open-Source Firms Reward Developers with Xboxes (Oct 25, 2006)

eWeek: Compiere User Community Splits; Code Forks (Oct 21, 2006)

InfoWorld: Linux Not Touching Windows Anytime Soon (Oct 01, 2006)

eWeek: Blogger Can't Tempt Microsoft To Drink OSI Kool-Aid (Aug 24, 2006)

eWeek: Red Hat Accuses Novell of Being 'Irresponsible' About Xen (Aug 18, 2006)

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