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Low-cost embeddable SDR occupies a mini-PCIe card (Dec 15, 2017)

Ubuntu-enabled open source SDR board shrinks in size and price (Sep 16, 2017)

OK Google: make this Nest hack a standard feature (May 11, 2017)

Now you can DIY a RISC-V SoC with SiFive's "hassle-free" process (May 09, 2017)

Open source NAS, offered as a device or bare PCB, wins funding (May 07, 2017)

RPi-friendly home automation kit adds voice recognition support (Feb 24, 2017)

Snapdragon 820 lands on an Android Pico-ITX SBC (Feb 20, 2017)

Next-gen DTV platform runs Android on quad-core Cortex-A53 (Sep 02, 2016)

Tiny Intel "Joule" IoT module runs Ostro Linux on quad-core Atom (Aug 16, 2016)

$5 and up Linux-equipped Omega2 IoT module launches on Kickstarter (Jul 21, 2016)

Open source Micro:bit SBC now available for pre-order (Jun 04, 2016)

Sneak peek: Arduino Srl's Primo and Primo Core IoT duo (May 20, 2016)

Tiny $1 STEM-oriented open source hacker board hits Indiegogo (May 14, 2016)

Honey, I shrunk the BeagleBone Black! (May 10, 2016)

Meet Linux's little brother: Zephyr, a tiny open-source IoT RTOS (Feb 19, 2016)

Online dev tool adds DIY baseboard for RPi Compute Module (Feb 17, 2016)

Enhanced BeagleBone SBC has 1GB RAM, GbE, sensors (Jan 24, 2016)

$65 hacker board runs 64-bit Linux on quad-core Atom (Jan 20, 2016)

Compact, rugged PC packs Xeon heat, keeps cool fanlessly (Jan 17, 2016)

Wind River revs up its connected car software and services (Jan 15, 2016)

Android-based "Brillo" IoT OS arrives with hacker SBC support (Oct 28, 2015)

Smallest ever Linux-capable wireless i.MX6 module? (Oct 27, 2015)

Roku's 4th gen media player does 4K, gets larger, costs more (Oct 08, 2015)

Compact fanless SBC runs Linux on Skylake, features 4K video (Sep 15, 2015)

Nano-ITX SBC runs Linux on quad-core Atom, has dual GbE (Sep 14, 2015)

Fanless network appliance runs Linux on Marvell Armada 370 (Sep 01, 2015)

Enhanced, open-source MinnowBoard makes a splash at IDF (Aug 21, 2015)

Rugged box-PC runs Linux on new quad-core Via Eden CPU (Aug 15, 2015)

Tiny fanless mini-PC runs Linux on quad-core AMD SoC (Jan 15, 2015)

New Sony Walkman runs Android 4.2, costs 1.1 kilobucks (Jan 14, 2015)

Micro-UAV controller features open, modifiable design (Dec 31, 2014)

Review: CuBoxTV running OpenELEC+Kodi and Android (Dec 22, 2014)

Hands-on review: Probox2 EX Android 4.4 TV box (Sep 28, 2014)

MIPS tempts hackers with Raspbery Pi-like dev board (Aug 29, 2014)

$49 TiVo OTA and streaming DVR targets cordcutters (Aug 26, 2014)

Firefox adds preliminary support for casting to Chromecast (Aug 21, 2014)

Wireless speakers stream audio from web and WLAN (Jul 27, 2014)

Intel unveils second generation Galileo hacker SBC (Jul 17, 2014)

Tiny module runs Linux and LabView on ARM/FPGA SoC (Jul 17, 2014)

HDMI-stick runs Firefox OS, acts like Chromecast (Jun 25, 2014)

Samsung finally unveils world's first Tizen smartphone (Jun 04, 2014)

Configurable IoT gateway runs Linux on Intel Quark (Jun 03, 2014)

LynuxWorks reverts to its LynxOS roots, changes name (May 27, 2014)

Rugged, wildly modular tablet runs Android and Linux (May 22, 2014)

Multi-wireless module runs Linux, targets IoT gateways (May 17, 2014)

D-Link enters IoT space with a smart AC socket (May 11, 2014)

Raspberry Pi morphs into $30 SODIMM-style COM (Apr 09, 2014)

Amazon unveils Android-based Fire TV STB and SDK (Apr 03, 2014)

Mini-PCIe sized COM runs Linux on ARM9 SoC (Mar 13, 2014)

$50 Roku stick goes HDMI y HDMI with Chromecast (Mar 05, 2014)

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