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I, Cringely: How Microsoft's Misunderstanding of Open Source Hurts Us All (Oct 27, 2003)

I, Cringley: What Goes Around Comes Around (Jun 24, 2003)

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I, Cringely: Going for a Streak-Free Finish (Jun 02, 2003)

I, Cringely: May the Source Be With You (May 03, 2003)

I, Cringely: No Good Deed Goes Unpunished (Apr 29, 2003)

I, Cringely: What Lies Beneath (Jan 18, 2003)

I, Cringely: He's Not in It for the Profit (Dec 11, 2001)

PBS.org/I, Cringely: Bill to Linus: You Owe Me. (Nov 21, 2001)

InfoWorld.com: Software giant looks to bury test results (Mar 08, 2001)

InfoWorld: Ex-Microsoft employees report Unix is all around... (Aug 29, 2000)

The Pulpit: Justice is Blind [in MS Antitrust Case] (Jun 09, 2000)

The Pulpit: Hit Me, Slap Me, Make Me Write Bad Code, Bob's Ten Point Plan for Civilizing Microsoft (Nov 21, 1999)

The Pulpit: And Your Little Dog, Too (Nov 13, 1999)

The Pulpit: Tactics Versus Strategy (Sep 03, 1999)

PBS: How Apple is Using Open Source Software to Defeat Microsoft Without Appearing to Do So (Jul 22, 1999)

PBS/The Pulpit: How Apple is Using Open Source Software to Defeat Microsoft (Jul 17, 1999)

PBS: Let a Billion Computers Crash (Jul 12, 1999)

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