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Microsoft's Violation of the Law Costing Fines in Wisconsin, But Fines Paid Back (Apr 08, 2010)

Open Irony: Microsoft Creates/Sponsors to Attack GNU/Linux (Mar 19, 2010)

The Microsoft Elephant in the Open Source Room (Mar 15, 2010)

Firm Behind Novell Bid Has Shady Past, Could be Tied to Microsoft (Mar 05, 2010)

Yes, Windows Causes Deaths Sometimes (Feb 18, 2010)

Microsoft�s Touch of Death (Feb 10, 2010)

Miguel de Icaza: “We Have Removed All of the GPL Code” (MonoDevelop) (Dec 24, 2009)

With Microsoft Monopoly in Check, Bill Gates Proceeds to Creating More Monopolies (Dec 03, 2009)

Patents Roundup: Bilski, USPTO and Justice for the Rich Only; "Community" Patent (Nov 24, 2009)

OEM Documents Which Microsoft Labels "MICROSOFT SECRET" (Nov 03, 2009)

The FFII and Red Hat�s CEO Express Dissatisfaction with United States Patent System (Oct 13, 2009)

Miguel de Icaza "is Basically a Traitor to the Free Software Community," Says RMS (Sep 21, 2009)

Microsoft's Nathan Myhrvold in 1998: GNU/Linux is a "Serious Competitor" (Sep 18, 2009)

Microsoft Badmouths Linix [sic] in 1998, Envisions a Nightmare (Sep 16, 2009)

Comes Antitrust: How Microsoft Schemed to Destroy Borland (Like It Did Yahoo!) (Sep 14, 2009)

Comes Antitrust: Microsoft McCarthyism Exposed (Sep 02, 2009)

Bill Gates Called "LUNIX" a Threat Back in 1997 (Aug 26, 2009)

Comes: Microsoft�s Anti-GNU/Linux Presentation and Explanation of Bribery (Aug 25, 2009)

Microsoft's "Perception Management" (Aug 18, 2009)

How Bill Gates Denied Access to Office File Format Documentation (Aug 18, 2009)

Comes Antitrust: Microsoft’s Attack Plan on GNU/Linux and Today’s Lessons (Aug 04, 2009)

Antitrust: How Microsoft Came up with Windows Bundling (Jul 27, 2009)

Commenting Policy to Change Due to Abuse and Intimidation from Trolls (Jul 20, 2009)

How Microsoft Sabotages GNU/Linux Adoption in Russian Schools (Jul 17, 2009)

Leaked Microsoft Slides (2003): How to Win Against GNU/Linux (Jul 15, 2009)

Leaked 2002 Document: Microsoft Compares Windows XP and Office to GNU/Linux and (Jul 13, 2009)

Does Microsoft Blackmail Sub-notebooks Vendors? (Jul 10, 2009)

Bill Gates: Our Most Potent Operating System Competitor is Linux (Jun 23, 2009)

OOXML BRM Convenor (Alex Brown) Joins the Pro-Microsoft Wikipedia Spinners (Jun 09, 2009)

Ubuntu is Censoring Opposition to Mono by Default (Jun 08, 2009)

Mono: An Infectious Disease : An Article by Chris Smart (Jun 04, 2009)

Microsoft Has NASA Block GNU/Linux Users (May 28, 2009)

Embrace, Extend, and Microsoft Wants to Toss IBM Out of ODF (May 08, 2009)

Gnote Enters Fedora (May 04, 2009)

Official Novell/Microsoft Web Site (MoreInterop) Calls Moonlight "Microsoft Moonlight" (Apr 27, 2009)

Microsoft Unleashes Its Paid Guns to Fight European Regulators (Apr 22, 2009)

Stallman Explains Why Software Patents are Wrong (Apr 21, 2009)

Antitrust Memo Shows How Microsoft Patent Encumbrances Are Used to Harm GNU/Linu (Apr 15, 2009)

How Microsoft Changes the Prices at OEMs to Block GNU/Linux Sales (Apr 12, 2009)

Microsoft-NPD Connections (Apr 10, 2009)

Did Tomboy Learn from TomTom? Project Forked... (Apr 08, 2009)

GNU/Linux Really Can Save Us from Conficker (Mar 31, 2009)

Why Microsoft Has Already Crashed OSBC 2009 (Mar 26, 2009)

Microsoft Wants to Make Something Out of Nothing to Fight GNU/Linux (Mar 09, 2009)

GNU/Linux Market Share: Why Gartner and IDC Must be Ignored (Mar 05, 2009)

Why Microsoft is Likely to Lose the TomTom Case (Mar 01, 2009)

Red Hat-Microsoft Agreement Not Malicious, But Was It Smart? (Feb 16, 2009)

How Microsoft Fights GNU/Linux, Apple, Others (Feb 09, 2009)

Microsoft and Apple Pay Net Applications (Hitslink) (Feb 04, 2009)

Bill Gates on Linux@Intel: "This Huge Driver Group Scares Me." (Feb 04, 2009)

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