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Computerworld: What It's Like to Switch to Open-Source (Jan 05, 2005)

CIO.com: HOWTO Run a Microsoft-Free Shop (Jan 09, 2002)

eWeek: Industry reaction to Microsoft hack: It will only get worse (Oct 28, 2000)

eWeek: New DDoS attack targets chat, Linux machines (Sep 06, 2000)

eWeek: PKI still mired in pilot mode (Aug 08, 2000)

eWeek: Microsoft's Outlook: Cloudy security (May 13, 2000)

ZDNet UK: No easy path to an MS breakup (May 10, 2000)

PC Week: Microsoft: On the ropes! (Apr 11, 2000)

PC Week: Intel moves to open CDSA source code (Apr 11, 2000)

PC Week: Experts debate merits of open source for security (Mar 25, 2000)

PC Week: Citrix expands into Unix territory (Mar 17, 2000)

PC Week: Luster of Linux IPOs fades as stock dips (Mar 11, 2000)

PC Week: Novell lifts lid on eDirectory for Win2K (Mar 09, 2000)

ZDNet: Linux finds another buddy: Novell (Feb 26, 2000)

PC Week: Novell readies Linux version of directory (Feb 26, 2000)

PC Week: IBM makes enterprise push for Linux (Feb 03, 2000)

ZDNet: The Linux gospel according to Torvalds (Feb 03, 2000)

PC Week: Next step for Linux: Services (Jan 29, 2000)

PC Week: Caldera, Microsoft settle lawsuit (Jan 11, 2000)

PC Week: Caldera secures funding in advance of IPO (Jan 11, 2000)

PC Week: SCO taking Tarantella to NT (Dec 11, 1999)

PC Week: Red Hat guns for Microsoft (Nov 30, 1999)

PC Week: Caldera's Love issues Linux battle cry: "Unite or die!" (Nov 17, 1999)

PC Week: Torvalds: From plush toys to credit cards (Nov 17, 1999)

PC Week: Red Hat's Young sees no need to 'reinvent the PC' (Nov 16, 1999)

PC Week: Red Hat buys Cygnus for $674M (Nov 16, 1999)

PC Week: Oracle joins Project Monterey (Nov 13, 1999)

PC Week Online: For open-sourcers, Jackson proves a very mixed blessing (Nov 08, 1999)

PC Week: Red Hat to expand beyond its own version of Linux (Nov 03, 1999)

ZDNet: $219 for upgrade to Windows 2000 (Nov 03, 1999)

PC Week: TurboLinux debuts cluster server, lines up partners (Oct 27, 1999)

ZDNN: Novell inches toward open source (Oct 23, 1999)

ZDNet: Promise broken: Windows 2000 delayed (Oct 16, 1999)

PC Week Online: VA Linux makes noise with Debian Linux deal (Oct 13, 1999)

PC Week: Linux gets an enterprise shove (Oct 05, 1999)

ZDNN: Win 2000 burns IT managers (Oct 02, 1999)

PC Week: Novell mulls NDS giveaway scheme (Sep 23, 1999)

PC Week: Slashdot opens itself up for Wall Street (Sep 22, 1999)

PC Week: Red Hat's 'unquiet' CEO focuses on a software revolution (Sep 14, 1999)

ZDNet: It's official: [SGI's] Belluzzo to Microsoft (Sep 03, 1999)

PC Week: Windows 2000 to provoke domain game (Aug 28, 1999)

PC Week: Is the Linux revolution over? (Aug 27, 1999)

PC Week: SCO latest to straddle the Linux-Unix fence (Aug 25, 1999)

PC Week: The shifting sands of Linux (Aug 16, 1999)

MacWEEK: Torvalds jumps to Linux 2.4 (Aug 15, 1999)

ZDNet: Swimming into the mainstream at LinuxWorld (Aug 14, 1999)

ZDNN: AOL jilts open source (Aug 14, 1999)

ZDNet: Burlington Coat Factory wears Linux well (Aug 14, 1999)

PC Week: IPOs pose challenge to Linux Community (Aug 07, 1999)

PC Week: LinuxWorld: Product Flood (Aug 07, 1999)

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