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MIT's '$100 Laptops' to Go to Pacific Islands (Aug 18, 2007)

LinuxWorld Australia: Users Buy Linux on Reliability, Says Novell Boss (Apr 30, 2006)

Computerworld New Zealand: Microsoft: We've Been Into Open Source for Years (Mar 17, 2006)

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Computerworld Australia: Expectations High at Linux Conference in New Zealand (Jan 26, 2006)

Computerworld Australia: Australian Open Source Conference Comes to NZ (Jan 22, 2006)

Computerworld New Zealand: GlidePath Drops Samba, Returns to Windows (Jul 20, 2005)

Computerworld New Zealand: DHBs' Open Source Desktop Pilot Expected in June (May 11, 2005)

Computerworld New Zealand: Microsoft to DHBs: We're Cheaper in the Long Run (Apr 12, 2005)

Computerworld New Zealand: DHBs to Test Open Source Alternative to Windows and Office (Apr 07, 2005)

Computerworld NZ: 'The Jury Is In' On Linux for the Enterprise, says BMC Chief (Nov 23, 2004)

Computerworld New Zealand: Councils Push Open Source (Sep 21, 2004)

Computerworld: NZ: $US40 XP Not Shot in Open Source Price War: MS Manager (Mar 16, 2004)

Computerworld NZ: Green MP Lauds Euro Plan for 'Free' Govt Software (Mar 11, 2004)

Computerworld NZ: Stay Open, Industry Tells E-govt (Feb 19, 2004)

Computerworld NZ: Legal Risks of Open Source Under Scrutiny (Nov 26, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Open Source Does Not Mean Open Doors (Aug 20, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Two From New Zealand's Govis Open Systems Seminar (Aug 12, 2003)

Computerworld New Zealand: Open Source Day for Govt IT Chiefs (Aug 05, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: World Summit Bodies Debate Open Document Formats (Jul 15, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: MS Code-Sharing 'Faustian Bargain' says lawyer (Jul 08, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Govis Puts Microsoft in Open Source Lion's Den (Jun 27, 2003)

ComputerWorld.NZ: Sybase Boss a Linux Sceptic (May 23, 2003)

Computerworld.au: Open ERP Package Takes on Giants (May 06, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: 'No Contradiction' in OSS Stance (May 06, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: If You Take an OSS to Water, Does It Get Weta? (Apr 05, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Linux Brain Training Better than No-Brainer: de Salis (Apr 03, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Linux Getting More 'Commercial': Housing NZ (Apr 02, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Openness Helps Win Oracle NZ Post Warehouse Deal (Mar 28, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Govt Hears No Open Source Clamour (Mar 19, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Cerf's Up(beat) on Net Future (Feb 25, 2003)

Computerworld.NZ: Westpac Opts for Fat Over Thin (Dec 17, 2002)

Computerworld.NZ: Open Source? Er, Maybe ... (Jun 20, 2002)