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The Register: Cisco's Linux Project a Marriage of Gluttonous Execs (Jul 29, 2002)

The Register: MS to Eradicate GPL, Hence Linux (Jun 26, 2002)

The Register: X-windows Remote DoS with Big Fonts (Jun 13, 2002)

The Register: MS-Funded Think Tank Propagates Open-Source Lies (Jun 11, 2002)

The Register: SuSE 8.0, KDE 3.0 First Look (May 10, 2002)

The USA Register: Running MS-Office on Linux (Apr 17, 2002)

The Register: The SNMP fiasco: steps you need to take (Feb 13, 2002)

The Register: How Microsoft drove me to Linux (Jan 23, 2002)

The Register: The 2.2GHz P4 on Linux and Win-XP (Jan 22, 2002)

The Register: SuSE 7.3 rocks Red Hat and flips XP the bird (Nov 17, 2001)

The Register: Red Hat Hell Continued (Nov 01, 2001)

The Register: Security geek developing WinXP raw socket exploit (Jun 14, 2001)

The Register: Microsoft issues bounty for OS-less PC buyers (Apr 30, 2001)

CERT defends vulnerability info restrictions (Apr 26, 2001)

The Register: US urges stiffer penalties for Net crimes (May 08, 2000)

The Register: Apache.org owned by white hats (May 07, 2000)

The Register: Linux users protest DVD regs on Capitol Hill (May 05, 2000)

The Register: Micro$oft shares clobbered on breakup rumours (Apr 25, 2000)

The Register: Crypto code is protected speech -- appellate court (Apr 08, 2000)

The Register: DeCSS injunction challenged (Apr 06, 2000)

The Register: L0pht develops Palm Pilot war dialler (Mar 30, 2000)

The Register: Hacking credit cards is preposterously easy (Mar 25, 2000)

The Register: Hacktivist group jumps on the DDoS bandwagon (Mar 16, 2000)

The Register: China eases crypto restrictions (Mar 15, 2000)

The Register: Janet Reno would curb press freedom on line (Mar 10, 2000)

The Register: The Mother of all DDoS attacks looms (Feb 25, 2000)

The Register: Law enforcers the 'absolute worst people' for Net security - former Fed (Feb 22, 2000)

The Register: 'Dot-Com' companies are hacking each other -- expert (Feb 19, 2000)

The Register: Crypto must be controlled -- FBI director (Feb 18, 2000)

The Register: Internet security firm RSA's Web site hacked (Feb 15, 2000)

The Register: IBM dubs Linux as realistic champion against NT (Feb 05, 2000)

The Register: Young DeCSS developer rudely arrested (Jan 27, 2000)

The Register: US Patent Office says Y2K Dickens of a thing (Dec 29, 1999)