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New Scientist: 'Rewiring' File-Sharing Networks May Stop Attacks (Nov 12, 2002)

NewScientist: A Report on Echelon Recommends All Europeans Use Crypto and Open Source Software (May 25, 2001)

ZDNet UK: Torvalds rubbishes core of Apple's OS X (Apr 07, 2001)

ZDNet UK: Wireless Linux Web pad demonstrated at CeBIT (Mar 26, 2001)

ZDNet UK: Wireless Linux Web pad demonstrated at CeBIT (Mar 25, 2001)

ZDNet UK: Intel considers European open source lab (Mar 07, 2001)

ZDNet UK: SuSE Linux lays off US staff (Feb 08, 2001)

ZDNet UK: LinuxWorld: Market slump to pay dividends for Linux - ESR (Feb 03, 2001)

ZDNet UK: Linux comes in 188 delicious flavours, and forking like this is good (Feb 02, 2001)

ZDNet UK: AltaVista in search patent threat; prepared to sue "everybody who indexes the web?" (Jan 26, 2001)

ZDNet UK: SuSE Linux goes handheld (Jan 04, 2001)

ZDNet UK: 2000 Roundup: Everybody loves Linux (Jan 02, 2001)

ZDNet UK: Will free software come to the rescue of the UK's health service? (Oct 31, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Computer crime treaty threatens human rights (Oct 19, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Linux luminaries to judge Euro Open Source awards (Oct 17, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Ex-spook believes that software backdoors are out there, fuelling conspiracy theories (Sep 26, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Freedom browser for Linux due November (Sep 26, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Cheesed off cracker strikes again (Sep 12, 2000)

Inter@ctive Week: Linux Vendors Applaud [EU] Microsoft Warning (Aug 05, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Anonymous browser ['Freedom'] reveals its code (Jul 27, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Amazon.co.uk stomps onto British gaming scene (Jul 19, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Linux devices outbreak in Europe, predicts IDC (Jul 18, 2000)

ZDNet UK: UK music store [MVC] loves Linux (Jul 06, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Intel ignores Windows with iMac-like Dot.Station (Jun 29, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Transmeta and Linux to run the future home (Jun 29, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Linux gurus congratulate BT on patent nonsense (Jun 22, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Linux Alliance protests software patenting (Jun 17, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Linux helps British scientists decode human DNA (Jun 16, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Secure open source Web server debuts at Linux expo (Jun 06, 2000)

ZDNet UK: SuSE Linux CEO: Europe leads desktop revolution (Jun 05, 2000)

ZDNet UK: SGI ups Linux support with e-business solution (Jun 03, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Alan Cox: Fight Euro patenting law (Jun 02, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Linux fells another NT dot com (Jun 02, 2000)

ZDNet UK: UK Linux news service launches at London expo (Jun 01, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Forget Napster, FreeNet is really scary... (Jun 01, 2000)

ZDNet UK: UK adds voice to Napster Linux row (May 24, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Linux@Work: Wise up to Free software (May 18, 2000)

ZDNet UK:Transmeta promises big name manufacturing deals (May 16, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Intel courts Linux developers with Itanium specs (May 10, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Experts call on firms to embrace bug free Linux (May 06, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Andover.net launches open source Linux publication (May 05, 2000)

ZD Net UK: European open source innovation ahead (May 03, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Pocket-sized Linux and Windows 2000 computer (Apr 28, 2000)

ZDNet UK: British town halls get the Linux bug (Apr 26, 2000)

ZD Net UK: Apple releases core of new open source OS (Apr 07, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Speaking Linux released (Mar 28, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Eye2Eye: Dirk Hohndel of SuSE Linux, Part II (Mar 17, 2000)

ZDNet UK: Eye2Eye: Dirk Hondel of SuSE Linux, Part I (Mar 16, 2000)

ZDNET UK: Linux on the desktop after all? (Mar 08, 2000)

ZDNET UK: CeBIT 20000: Linux International set for reorganisation (Feb 26, 2000)

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