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osOpinion: Movies, Video Games, Music and Children: Shaming Janus (Sep 19, 2000)

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osOpinion: Sub $1000 computers: TUX comes home (Aug 10, 2000)

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Penguinista.org: Open source Star Office: Ruminations of its signifigance (Aug 01, 2000)

osOpinion: Open Source and nag screens: contradictions of the bazaar (Aug 01, 2000)

Penguinista.org: Alternative Software Documentation: Professionalizing the Penguin (Jul 28, 2000)

osOpinion: The Sun rises: zero cost commercial software as a business model (Jul 14, 2000)

osOpinion: Cebit 2000 and the webzines: censoring the non-printed news (Feb 21, 2000)

osOpinion: Corel buys Borland: what a paradox (Feb 09, 2000)

osOpinion: The newbie network administrator and open source: I fear Skippy (Jan 11, 2000)

osOpinion: The white paper and LINUX: Bootlicking lapdogism (Jan 05, 2000)

osOpinion: Penguinista: reflections of a revolutionary nickname (Dec 31, 1999)

osOpinion: Sun and JAVA: brew up over proprietorship (Nov 22, 1999)

osOpinion: MS Office for LINUX: Cognitive Dissonance (Nov 15, 1999)

osOpinion: The finding of fact: Lady justice cleaves the Monopoly (Nov 08, 1999)

OsOpinion: MVP: Microsoft's Vulgar Professionalism (Oct 25, 1999)

osOpinion: The Gartner Group reports: Studies from Cynicism Inc. (Oct 18, 1999)

osOpinion: PC LABS' Hacking Contest: More Roadkill for the Monopoly (Oct 06, 1999)

osOpinion: Reverse Engineering the GNU Public Virus: A Comment (Sep 21, 1999)

osOpinion: MSOfffice.com: Ain't Holdin' My Breath (Sep 08, 1999)

osOpinion: The NSA and Microsoft or the State of the Individual (Sep 07, 1999)

osOpinion: The suits don't yet get it (Sep 03, 1999)

osOpinion: The Sun-Microsoft legal dispute or why it's still relevant (Sep 03, 1999)

osOpinion: IBM and Linux: Tux with the Blue machine (Aug 24, 1999)

osOpinion: UCITA: The past or future? (Aug 04, 1999)