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Open Source Marketing

A salesman was speaking with his peers. He proposed that his employer should get rid of the company's marketing and technical staff. Isn't it strange that marketing and technical staff often feel the same way regarding business units that operate outside of the one in which they are employed?

When recently I saw the following in a blog, I was reminded of that salesman's lament:

It's almost a truism that open source software sells itself; the knock-on consequence is that you don't really need salespeople, which in turn means more money for developers and support.

Does this mean that Open Source Software (OSS) truly obsoletes the need for schools of business? If all businesses in the world were to fully embrace OSS would it truly make sense to dispose of all sales and marketing people? And would this mean that business owners and managers would really spend more on developers and support?

I want to see the evidence! I really do! Let's get developers and support staff (who know more than all the current schools of business do) to get together so we can start a not-for-profit education foundation to help business owners to make smarter and more informed decisions regarding how they should run their business.

Where is the evidence? We need it now!

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