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March 2021 Archives

As a Linux user, you've got solid browser alternatives to Chrome.

If you're confused about what su and sudo commands do for you, this brief guide will help you sort them out.

The chapter pack DLC brings new systems and mechanics to improve the overall gameplay.

The first of the next generation of the Red Hat CentOS Linux clones, CloudLinux's AlmaLinux, is here.

CloudLinux Launches AlmaLinux, CentOS Linux Clone

In this week's blog, we examine hardware virtualization, dual booting, and using a compatibility layer.

digiKam 7.2 comes seven months after digiKam 7.1 and introduces lots of improvements.

"Them's Fightin' Herds" from Mane6, Inc. and Humble Games has now been officially ported to Linux with the 2.0 patch release and the Shanty character DLC is out now too.

Major corporate supporters abandon the FSF, while board members and leaders resign from the organization.

Act quickly, as PINE64 reported in their March 2021 update that Pinebook Pro's price may be further increased in the future.

The changes are said to have been made yesterday on March 28.

"Just Perfection" replaces many single-purpose extensions for your GNOME desktop environment.

"Just Perfection" GNOME Shell Extension Now Lets You Customize Your GNOME 40 Desktop

SongRec is a useful open source alternative for accessing the online Shazam API.

XAMPP stands for cross-platform(X), Apache(A) server, MariaDB(M), PHP(P) and Perl(P).

HestiaCP is a free and open-source web server control panel and is a fork of the popular Vesta Control Panel.

Kooha is a simple GTK-based screen recording application for recording screens and audio from your desktop or microphone.

Total War: ROME REMASTERED is one of the few Total War titles Linux didn't already have.

The updated Linux 5.10 LTS kernel brings numerous new features and improvements and is supported until December 2022.

Highlights of the quiet work happening with almost two dozen open-source AI standouts.

Although PNG offers a better image quality compared with JPG, the large size factor is usually a concern for Internet users.

With Krita 5 in the works, the Foundation say they're only focusing their efforts on making the Krita 4.4 series more stable and reliable.

The best part of the Nextcloud Ubuntu Appliance is that it’s fully pre-configured and automatically updated.

Even the humble todo.txt likes to dress up sometimes.

GOOG doesn't offer the only option for connected, convenient calendaring. Check out these FOSS alternatives.

Manjaro gets the call, will answer as the OS for PinePhone.

Slowly but surely the Rust language is making its way into Linux.

Learn how to use a digital signature in ONLYOFFICE's Desktop Editors to protect documents of all kinds.

In this article we take a look at the core changes users can expect to find when they upgrade.

 STALLMAN: I am now on the Free Software Foundation board of directors once again.

The FSF has not provided a comment about Stallman's return or the role he will play in the foundation at the time of this writing.

Binaries for 32- or 64-bit systems, as a Snap for Linux systems supporting Ubuntu’s Snap packages or as a source tarball, are available right now from Mozilla’s FTP servers.


Even if you don't use curl command daily, the chances are high that you are still using curl and don't know it.

"It was once called just KDE, then KDE SC, then KDE Applications, then the unbranded release service and now we’re banding it again as KDE Gear."

Budgie is an official flavor of the popular Ubuntu Linux operating system.

As the face of the Linux project, The Linux Foundation should start supporting the growth and adoption of desktop Linux.

Get Linux terminal access from the browser.

Learning to use special variables in Bash is one part of this learning curve. But once you understand and use them in your own scripts, they become easier to remember.

For this week's blog, we put the Lenovo M93 through its paces from a multimedia perspective.

Lenovo M93 Ultra Small PC  - Video and Audio - Week 3

GPL Violators Apparently Use Patents to Bully People Aware of These Violations.

Media darling Substack isn't your only newsletter publishing option. 

This special edition contains all of the GIMP and Inkscape articles that The PCLinuxOS Magazine ran between January 2015 and December 2017.

Enable SSH, set hostname, configure WiFi and more with Raspberry Pi's powerful little imager.

Calamares now lets distros that offer Btrfs by default to setup a custom Btrfs configuration via the mount.conf file.

And now, here's how to extract data from a text file.

Writing data to text files in Linux is easy to do. Learn the art of redirection.

Migrate from Google's translation service without missing out on anything.

Best Free and Open Source Alternatives to Google Translate

openSUSE Virtual Conference 2021 to Take Place June 18-20; Registration and Call For Papers Open Now

Raspberry Pi makes a great starting point to learn or get more comfortable on Linux. But which of the  fourth-gen ultra-mini computers is your best bet?

The box has markedly higher performance against key benchmarks.

Here's how to use apt-offline to update or upgrade offline.

The fully customized KDE Plasma desktop environment feels "alive" thanks to its animated wallpaper.

Here's why you should opt for other email services, along with five solid replacements for Gmail.

To keep the home IT stack them up to date and install updates automatically, I leave the job to Ansible.

Follow these steps to boot faster into Linux and keep plenty of disk space free for your personal documents and downloads.

The two notebooks TUXEDO Computers introduces are some of its most powerful.

The Mesa 21.0 release arrives more than a year after the Mesa 20.0 series.

Fixes touch all core components and address important crashes or issue, improve document compatibility with other popular formats.

When is comes to free online photo storage, Google ain't the only game in town.

Search and play YouTube from the comfort of the terminal.

Your weekend assignment: Head into the cave and triumph over beasties like dinosaurs, mammoths, and giant fish.

ItsFoss.com offers a reasoned rundown on how Linux Mint plans to encourage updates, and why updating makes good sense.

Hint: "Linux is and has always been the best tool for my workflow." 

Linux vs. Windows: A Casual, Realistic Perspective

Considering replacing your Apache installations with Nginx, here are 12 tips to increase the security of your servers.

Master BASH while you play.

Evernote finally adds a (beta) application for Linux desktops.

You can pass command-line arguments and handle command-line options in a bash shell script.

Step-by-step, we'll manually mount a USB drive in Linux, to a mount point directory of your choice.

Which is not to imply, in anyway, that doing so would be a good idea.