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Vida Digital: An alternative operating system

Nov 15, 1998, 00:15 (1 Talkback[s])

This article appeared on Vida Digital, a Spanish news site.

Here is the translation, courtesy of Babelfish.

Perhaps you do not know Linus Torvalds, but the people of Microsoft know it very well. This programmer of Finland, creator of the operating system Linux, is the one that has more approached to break the mortal hug that has Microsoft on the industry of the computers.

What for of Linux a winning operating system? He is fast, stable, designed to run in all type of computers and most important, Linux is free. As much its use as its sale, thing that the competition between the developers has increased of contributed Linux and to the fast improvement of the operating system.

In fact, Linux has improved so much that is arriving at the wide doors of the business of computers and is proving to be a viable alternative for Windows NT. This is because Linux allows the businesses of running a server or workstation with a moderate hardware whereas Windows NT needs update in the components the hardware of the machine to run perfectly. But will run sometimes Linux in the personal computasoras of people like you and I? Only time will tell.

A thing yes is safe: this operating system of which the geniuses in computation only speak, is here for qudar itself. That it does to this operating system one so special one? Follow to ahead we will explain the secret him.

The original story in Spanish is available here