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Microsoft's media/public manipulations?

Nov 16, 1998, 10:19 (3 Talkback[s])

An anonymous reader contributed this information to us.

I thought this little tidbit might provide more documentation of Microsoft's media/public manipulations.

Here is *yet another* creative way that Microsoft gets its marketing message across, which I just discovered today. After all the "Halloween Memo" fuss the last couple weeks, it would make sense to go to the MS website to see what they have to say about it. So I went there and did a search on "Linux." Not too surprisingly, the first hit returned looked like this:

1. Microsoft Responds to the Open Source Memo Regarding the Open Source Model and Linux

What was surprising was that it took you to this page:


The title of the page is "Windows NT Services for UNIX Add-On Pack Released to Manufacturing." The word "Linux" doesn't even appear on the page. So they've managed to turn all this interest in Linux into a lot of free publicity for their own "Unix" software running on NT. Maybe it was nothing. Probably a genuine mistake. Yeah right.

Incidentally, search results #2 and #3 ("Microsoft Responds to Internal Memo Regarding the Open Source Model and Linux") goes to the correct page (http://www.microsoft.com/ntserver/highlights/editorletter.asp).

Manipulating search engines on their website? Not illegal, but certainly misleading. -lt ed