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GIMP 1.1.2 Available

Feb 04, 1999, 07:56 (0 Talkback[s])

From the Gimp News website:

Yosh has announced the availability of the new developer's version of GIMP. Here are some of the notable features (taken verbatim from his announcement):

  • Support for .xvpics style thumbnails, with a preview in the open file dialog, and autosaving of them
  • New plugindetails dialog, lets you browse plug-in info. Handy for finding where that new plugin you just install is hiding in the menu.
  • Parellized pixel region functions, configure --with-mp
  • Elliptical, square, and diamond shaped brushes for the ink tool
  • Fixed a nasty tile corruption bug and unhosed bucket fill
  • Updated i18n catalogs
  • other stuff I forgot but it's in ChangeLog

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