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MyC - VB-like C API wrapper for MySQL

Mar 21, 1999, 22:26 (0 Talkback[s])

Ed Carp writes:

MyC is a set of simple C routines intended to make programming applications for use with the MySQL database engine a bit easier, especially for those familiar with Microsoft's DAO engine model (used with Microsoft Access and Microsoft Visual Basic).

MyC uses a similar model to access data within a database - OpenDatabase to open a database, OpenRecordset to open a result set, Move routines to move around within the result set, and AddNew/Edit and Update/Delete to add, edit or delete data within the database. For example, a C program to dump all the records in a table to stdout in tab-delimited format takes only 18 lines, total, of C (sample code is provided).

Although the wrapper was written in C for Linux, it should work with almost any reasonable UNIX variant. Source code is provided, and the licensing structure is the same as the MySQL database.

MyC is currently in ALPHA testing now - I am looking for folks to beta test it. Sample code is included with the wrapper.

MyC is less than 15K zipped, including documentation, and can be downloaded from

Bug reports are encouraged :)
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