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Software AG will release E-Business Package for Linux

May 06, 1999, 08:34 (0 Talkback[s])

Darmstadt, Germany, 29 April 1999 - Software AG will make available its product offering for electronic business for Linux also. A fully functional demo version of each of these products will be available free of charge from Software AG's homepage. Software AG will support the marketplace trend by doing so and make Linux available as a system platform for electronic business applications. The first product, Bolero Application Server for Linux, will be available shortly. Additional products will follow in the course of this year.

More and more companies are using Linux-based systems or planning their implementation. However, these are generally limited to isolated applications like Web servers or E-mail services. Mission-critical electronic business applications are left by the wayside, because until now there have not been any robust development and runtime environments or hardly any database servers available for Linux. But Linux is a scalable, stable and secure system that is no longer behind other flavors of Unix and Windows NT. It is particularly appropriate as an economical platform for mission-critical applications for electronic business.

According to the market research firm IDC, in 1998 the Linux server market grew by 212 percent over 1997. That means Linux accounts for 17 percent of all operating systems sold for servers. Step by step, Software AG, one of the largest software companies in the world, is now also making available the advantages of its mission-critical product suite for electronic business for the Linux platform: Bolero, the Application Factory for Electronic Business, is a completely new, object-oriented development and integration environment for electronic business applications on the Java platform. Bolero is one of the first systems on the market to create mission-critical, transaction-oriented applications over the Web. Initially, Bolero Application Server will be available for Linux. That will allow

Bolero applications developed with Windows NT to be used on the Linux platform. Bolero Component Studio will follow in the course of 1999. Then it will be possible to develop and run Bolero applications entirely on the Linux platform.

EntireX DCOM, component-based middleware, supports the seamless integration of transaction-oriented applications across heterogeneous platforms, from the mainframe to Unix, Linux and Windows NT to the Web. That allows Bolero applications to be integrated into enterprisewide systems. EntireX DCOM is available for Linux. It can be obtained free of charge from Software AG's homepage.

Tamino, the world's first Information Server for Electronic Business, stores XML information in its natural structure -- without inefficient transformations into other structures like SQL -- and makes it available for high-performance transaction-oriented electronic business applications on the Web. Tamino will initially ship in the fourth quarter of 1999 for Windows NT, a Linux version will follow.

"This product suite for electronic business will allow Linux users to develop and run mission-critical applications and integrate them seamlessly with enterprisewide systems," explains Dr. Erwin Königs, CEO and Chairman of the Board of Software AG in Darmstadt. "This unique suite of products will make Software AG the forerunner in the Linux market segment. For the first time, companies will be able to use Linux as a strategic enterprise platform for mission-critical electronic business applications."

"Among the SQL databases for Linux, Adabas D is the uncontested market leader thanks to its robust nature and its convincing price/performance ratio," says Roland Dyroff, CEO of the leading European Linux system company SuSE GmbH in Nuremberg. "By porting Bolero, Software AG again underscores the importance of Linux as a platform for mission-critical applications and provides an important contribution toward assuring Linux is the industry standard of the future."

Availability: The application factory Bolero is available on Windows NT, Unix and OS/390. In the third quarter of 1999, Bolero Application Server will be ready for Linux. Bolero Component Studio will follow in the course of the year. Tamino will ship in fall of 1999 for Windows NT, then follow for Linux, Unix and OS/390. EntireX DCOM for Linux is already available free of charge over the Web at www.softwareag.com/corporat/solutions/entirex/linux. Bolero and Tamino will also be available for free for non-commercial uses. For commercial use the prices are based on versions for Windows NT and Unix.

Notes to editors

Software AG, based in Darmstadt, Germany, is Europe's largest producer of system software and one of the world's leading suppliers in this sector. Software AG will extend this position into the rapidly growing electronic business market. The company has more than 2,300 employees and 74 offices in over 60 countries. Its customers are mainly large and medium-sized enterprises, covering the market sectors of banking, insurance, transport, manufacturing industry and public administration.

In the first quarter of 1999, Software AG Group revenues were DM 157.5 million, an increase of 13.2% over the same period of the previous year. Profit before tax increased exceptionally strongly, rising 55.5% to DM 21.3 million. In 1998, group revenues were DM 626.4 million (+9%) and profit before tax was DM 87.3 million (+35%). As of 26 April 1999, Software AG is listed at the stock exchange in Frankfurt, Germany, (Amtlicher Handel) and has applied for the M-Dax index.

Software AG is a market leader in the field of integration technology. The company's products and services support the seamless integration of transaction-oriented business applications across heterogeneous platforms, ranging from IBM OS/390 and Siemens BS2000 mainframes, OpenVMS, AS/400, Unix and Windows NT to the Web. Software AG's technology focuses on three main areas: Online Transaction Processing (Adabas database management systems and Natural tools for the development of commercial applications), Enterprise Application Integration (EntireX) and Electronic Business (Bolero, an application factory and Tamino, an information server).

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