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John Carmack of ID Software likes Linux

May 30, 1999, 23:35 (4 Talkback[s])


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Finger johnc@idsoftware.com to read the great things he says about Linux.

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Name: John Carmack
Email: johnc@idsoftware.com
Description: Programmer
Project: Quake 3 Arena
Last Updated: 05/30/1999 06:58:45 (Central Standard Time)
For the past couple of weeks, I have been spending some development time on
linux, and for the first time on a non-NEXTSTEP unix platform, I have 
actually been enjoying it.

While Id has been supporting linux since the Doom days, I have not personally
been much of a linux user -- it was always ddt or zoid doing the actual coding
and testing.  Every year or so I would install a linux distribution and play
around with it for a few days, but I would always leave feeling that it was
still pretty crude (UI wise) compared to the NEXTSTEP UI I was used to, or
even what I had used on other commercial unix workstations and windows.

There have always been a ton of reasons to like linux, but the user
interface was enough of an issue that I couldn't buy into it completely.

The gnome user environment in Red Hat 6.0 is finally at a level that I
consider it a valid alternative to commercial desktop environments.  Overall,
its still not as smooth, consistant, or complete as windows or the mac, but
is does have its strong points, and things seem to be progressing quite

Its still not something you would give to a purely casual computer user,
but I won't be surprised if even that changes in a couple years.

CodeWarrior for linux is also a significant aspect of my enjoyment.  Its
a sort of crappy 1.0 port with a lot of little issues, but the editor works
well enough, which is the important thing for me.  I have never been able
to stand vi or emacs for long enough to become proficient in them.

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