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OS2 E-zine: StarOffice 5.1 - First Looks

Jun 18, 1999, 00:29 (24 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Chris Wenham)

Thanks to Terry Gindlesperger for this link.

"To shorten our impressions of StarOffice 5.1 to three words: we are impressed. This upgrade for the OS/2 office suite is mostly a showcase of gadgetry, but there is at least one new gadget that's not entirely trivial and would justify the costs of upgrading."

"... we have to convince Star Division to take the Java 1.1.7 runtime and developers kit out of StarOffice. 5.0 was seventy megabytes to download, but 5.1 is ninety. This will put it out of reach for a serious number of people with low-end internet connections, perhaps to the joy of a company that really would like to sell you a CD instead."

"Remaining from older versions of Star Office is the problem of abysmal online documentation. If there's a feature you're dying to learn how to use, then StarOffice will probably not show you how to use it."

"But if all flaws were unimportant, this feature would make it worth upgrading. "... Palm Pilots are rushing off the shelves and beating Windows CE devices in every category... because they come with a cradle and software that lets you synchronize the pilot's address book and calendar with the one on your desktop PC... since StarOffice happens to already have an above-average personal information manager..., being able to synch it with your Pilot means you've got no more reason to hang onto Lotus Organizer."

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