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DaveNet: Embrace and Get Over It

Jun 21, 1999, 21:54 (17 Talkback[s])
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Thanks to Eric Kidd for this link.

Advice to Microsoft, from a Windows developer:

View Linux as you viewed the Mac in 1983. It's a puzzle and a curveball. You don't own it. Find out what developers want to do with Linux, then provide tools that make that easy. Create bridges from Microsoft desktop apps to servers running on Linux. Invest in WINE so Windows developers have a clear path to Linux without creating new source code bases. I can hear Bill Gates now saying "Never!" But until he embraces the Internet, in its latest incarnation (Linux), without trying to own it, he'll keep losing...

(And of course nothing stays where it is. The world is revolving at 1000 MPH. We're all getting older. And new people are being born. And some of them are growing up and want more options than IIS, VB and ASP.)

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