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GNOME Summary for June 21-28

Jun 27, 1999, 23:54 (1 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Havoc Pennington)

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This is the GNOME Summary for June 21-28. I will unfortunately be out of town and offline Friday-Sunday of next week for personal reasons, so next week's summary may be late. But this week's isn't. :-)

There wasn't too much big news this week, but lots of code was written and lots of packages released. So we're getting some work done.

Please note that the web site and CVS will be down for the afternoon (Eastern US time zone) today (Monday). We're upgrading the machine. So some of the links in here will be temporarily dead.

Table of Contents

  • "GTK+/Gnome Application Development"
  • Warn the Translators
  • Gnumeric can print!
  • Samba support for GNOME file manager
  • gnome-core 1.0.7 bugfix release
  • GNOME Apt development fires back up
  • GnomeHello goes into CVS
  • Hacking Activity
  • New and Updated Software


1) "GTK+/Gnome Application Development"


I announced my new book this week; it covers Gnome and some advanced GTK+ topics. Sort of a sequel to the Gtk tutorial. The full announcement is here:

The book will come out under a free license and be maintained as official Gnome documentation.


2) Warn the Translators


Kjartan Maraas writes:

"This is a request for the maintainers to send a warning message to one day before each release, so that we mere translators can have a chance of catching up with the latest additions before release."

So: maintainers, mail if your app is in GNOME CVS and you want it translated.


3) Gnumeric can print!


The CVS version of Gnumeric has printing merged in (finally). The print dialog needs help, but Miguel is on it and once the dialog is done there will be a Gnumeric release with printing enabled.

There was a new version released right before the print merge, so if you have a pet bug see if it's been fixed in that release.


4) Samba support for GNOME file manager


Miguel writes:

"Wayne Robert's code for smb file sharing has been incorporated into CVS and works fully with text mode and gnome versions of the file manager. I have been browsing my samba shares all day now."

"Now, we need a little proggie/extension to browse machines on the net now :-)."


5) gnome-core 1.0.7 bugfix release


Full details here:


6) GNOME Apt development fires back up


This is a blatant self-plug, but news is slow this week. Because I'm done writing my book (whee!), I am hacking on gnome-apt again. As always I'm happy to take contributions. GNOME Apt is a frontend for the Apt package tool, which is Debian-specific for now (but in reality has only a few Debian-specific files and could be ported to RPM by someone with the know-how).

Home page is here:

I fixed a little bit-rot, and now I'm hacking on the GtkVTree widget (in GNOME CVS under scratchpad/vtree) to replace the tree view with something that works better.


7) GnomeHello goes into CVS


I checked in a gnome-hello module that's supposed to be an exemplary Gnome application. If you notice something non-exemplary, please let me know. :-) Tomas Ogren already fixed several bugs last night.

This should be a good resource for people learning Gnome programming. The source tree is all set up with internationalization, documentation, etc. so you can simply copy it as a starting point for your app.


8) Hacking Activity


We had 618 commits this week, though I'm actually counting a couple hours earlier than usual. Next week will be bloated by 2 hours, this week is short.

CVS Module Score-O-Matic:

 112 gtk--
  66 gnumeric
  33 gphoto
  32 gnome-core
  31 gnome-libs
  28 gimp
  26 mc
  20 web-devel-2
  18 form-maker
  14 ggv
  14 gbuild
  12 gxsnmp
  12 gnome-guile
  12 bonobo

CVS User Score-O-Matic:

119 kenelson
  54 unammx
  34 pablo
  26 gregm
  23 mortenw
  19 hp
  14 srust
  14 mej
  13 vinc
  13 scottf
  12 yosh
  11 jpekka
  10 timj
  10 nat
  10 mmeeks
   9 sopwith
   9 ole
   9 kmaraas

You should probably ignore the top entry here - kenelson had some script go nuts and checked in a whole bunch of gtk-- files one by one. He claims he'd be #1 even without that though - hmm.

Elliot says we're going to upgrade to a new version of Bonsai and we'll be able to do a line-based Score-O-Matic. I know I'll be ahead of the game with my line-intensive brace style:

if ()


K&R indenters, prepare to lose. Muhaha.

Gregory McLean hacked up a storm, as usual; looks like he's working on his GXSNMP application (a network monitoring tool) and form-maker, which can fill out forms for you. Check these out.

Nat is working on menu merging for embedded components. Check out bonobo/bonobo/gnome-ui-handler.h, and send him comments if you're knowledgeable about these things. This will also free us from some of the ugly aspects of GnomeUIInfo templates.

Gnumeric had all kinds of printing-related checkins, and I believe Michael Meeks also renovated the function architecture, so it also has more powerful internals. mortenw and jpekka were also checking in to this module. Gnumeric is really moving forward fast, and it's already darn useful.

The GPhoto digital camera app seems to be under *very* heavy development, moving steadily for a long time now. There are tons of people working on it, Ole Aamot (ole) and Scott Fritzinger (scottf) are the two I noticed in the Score-O-Matic. Check out:

Michael Zucchi notes that gnome-terminal now supports UTF8, so check this out. You can use all sorts of funky characters in your terminal.


9) New and Updated Software


There's a fairly out-of-control number of new and updated apps this week:

Log applet
GMC (file manager)
NetLeds applet
Homer applet

At press-time, Jeremy Wise is working on a GnomeICU release, which should pop up by tomorrow.

Remember, if you want your app listed here add it to the software map on


OK, can't think of anything else, and I'm unduly tired. Contrary to the trend noted on, this week I am the man who sleeps much.

As always, if you have items for the summary please mail