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Ganymede 0.99.3 - network directory management system

Jun 27, 1999, 00:36 (0 Talkback[s])

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Ganymede 0.99.3 is now available for download at


Ganymede is a GPL'ed network directory management system written in
Java, providing support for team management of NIS, DNS, etc.


Uuggh. I screwed up the code that handled the combination of
permissions across multiple roles and permission matrices, which broke
things horribly for everyone but supergash.  On the positive side, the
bug revealed another bug that might have layed dormant for a long time
in the absence of the big bug, so two for the price of one.

I generally wouldn't pop out a new release so soon, but this
permissions bug makes it impossible to do anything real with Ganymede
unless you are just logging in with the supergash account for testing,
and it might have mightily confused anyone who actually tried to dig a
bit deep into Ganymede.

--------------------- Changes from 0.99.2 to 0.99.3 -------------------

RELEASE DATE: June 23, 1999

1. [SERVER] Fixed value() in

The value() method in was improperly forcing
a permissions check, despite the fact that value() was used for
server-side code only.

This was causing a problem at transaction commit-time under certain
conditions, caused by the PermMatrix.union() bug below.

2. [SERVER] Fixed bugs in permissions system

Ugh, I had screwed up PermMatrix.union() in 0.99.2, the object->field
inheritance logic wasn't working properly.

I fixed PermMatrix.union(), simplified GanymedeSession.getPerm(), and
modified both PermEntry.union() and PermEntry.intersection() to optimize
out a lot of new PermEntry creation.

Jonathan Abbey        
Applied Research Laboratories                 The University of Texas at Austin
Ganymede, a free NIS/DNS management system