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The Computer Paper: Unix editors and Web page authoring

Aug 25, 1999, 16:20 (10 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Gene Wilburn)

"One of the first questions I get asked when a Windows or Mac user discovers I'm running Linux is 'What do you use it for?' There are so many answers that I'm sometimes stumped for a quick reply."

"Others have made a complete switch to using Linux as their workstation platform, using native Linux Web authoring tools. There's a range of good tools for creating Web pages in Linux but one thing you can bet on: the majority of authors who create Web pages with Linux use a text editor."

"Why a text editor? Because traditional Unix text editors are editors on steroids. They evolved in the golden age of text processing, before the world went nuts with bloated, incompatible binary word-processing files. Newcomers often find Unix editors daunting and shy away from them. That's a mistake."

"One of the biggest favors you can do yourself as a new Linux user is to learn the basics of vi and Emacs. Yes, they're kinda weird, because you have to memorize some odd keystrokes. But, just memorize them. It's like learning to swim. Once you've done it, water suddenly takes on intriguing new potential."

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