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Linux 2.2.12 Released

Aug 26, 1999, 15:53 (7 Talkback[s])

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From Alan Cox's website, come the release notes for the latest production kernel, 2.2.12.

Any erratas regarding this kernel will be posted at the release notes page on Alan's server.

Linux 2.2.12 Release Notes

Platforms:Alpha (see notes), PowerPC, Sparc, X86

Linux 2.2.12 is the latest update to the Linux kernel tree. It fixes the memory leak bug in the 2.2.11 kernel. In addition it updates various drivers and the platform specific support. The out of the box tree supports the Alpha, PPC, Sparc and X86 platforms. MIPS is mostly merged but you should obtain the platform specific tree. It is hoped MIPS and PowerPC will soon be fully merged. ARM and M680x0 users should get their platform specific tree.

Known Bugs
On the Alpha platform we know the new maths code currently fails some glibc maths checks. The Alpha port people are looking into this. Expect patches soon.

This code is intended to build with gcc 2.7.2 and egcs 1.1.2. It is known that not all of it builds validly on the x86 CPU's with gcc 2.95. As far as we know these are Linux not gcc issues. Fixes for gcc 2.95 to gcc 3.0 may go into Linux 2.2 in time. You should therefore not use gcc 2.95 to build stable kernels for the moment.

Binary Compatibility
Linux 2.2.12 changes a few internal system structures. You may need to rebuild a few third party modules such as pcmcia-cs when upgrading from older kernels to this one.

Security Notes
The TCP fixes in the 2.2.12 kernel for the memory leak and Solaris food fight are the only security updates. You can obtain them seperately to 2.2.12 from the 2.2.11 release notes. Linux 2.2.11 with the errata is believed to be as secure as 2.2.12 unless you are trying to use strictly enforced capability sets. In which case you may wish to apply the fs/proc/array.c patch from 2.2.12 to get precisely the same security.

Architecture Updates

Further changes have been made to the maths emulation support.
A bug where the floppy drive may be unusable for alternating periods of 49.7 days has been fixed.
The Symbios cache test should now pass and the SCSI work properly.
Optimisations for the IDT Winchip.
Identify and report the AMD Athlon.
Fix a crash on boot with the AMD Athlon.
Fix a timeout scheduling error in the dz driver.
All the PPC changes should now be merged.
A problem with the viking MMU code has been fixed.
A small Sparc64 kernel_thread change.
Core Updates
File Handles
The kernel now supports large numbers of file handles per process. The default remains unchanged but can be raised by processes.
Memory Limits
Certain parts of the kernel didn't correctly interpret RLIM_INFINITY and enforced 2Gig limits.
Munlock was checking for CAP_IPC_LOCK when it should only be required to lock memory.
Fixed a pair of accounting errors in the quota code.
Driver Updates
Computone Intelliport 2
A driver for this card under Linux has been included.
The DAC960 driver has been updated.
ESS Solo
An experimental driver for this PCI sound card is now included.
Iomega Buz
A Zoran ZR36067 driver for video capture including MJPEG capture is now included. This works with the Iomega buz but does not yet support the LML33.
The ISDN fax patches have been merged. The hisax driver now passes certification with some ELSA cards.
Fix a buffer headroom issue with compression and ISDN ppp.
The MAD16 driver now defaults to not enabling its on board CD port. This avoids problems with users not being aware the default may interfere with other drivers.
Multitech ISI driver
Support for PCI interrupt sharing is now included.
PCWD Watchdog
Revision A boards reported their status incorrectly.
A case where IRQ 0 may be erroneously freed has been fixed.
VisWs Sound
The SGI visual workstation onboard audio is now supported.
VisWs Video
The SGI visual workstation onboard video driver has been improved.
File System Updates
Welsh Language
ISO 8859-14 (The Celtic languages) is now supported for UTF8 translations.
Miscellaneous Updates
The Changelog has been updated to reflect newer tools.
Various documents have been updated.
Network Updates
Alteon AceNIC
Small changes have been made to reduce its interrupt load and increase performance further.
Interphase 5526
This fibre channel chipset is now supported under Linux
A sign handling bug has been fixed that might have caused memory leakage.
The errata patch for the SB1000 has been folded into the 2.2.12 kernel. This driver is now functional.
This driver has been updated further.
SCSI Updates
The module now allows you to set the I/O and IRQ.
Symbios controller
The symbios 53C876 revision 32 is now supported.
Security Updates
The RAWIO capability is now needed to access /proc/kcore.
Memory leak from TCP
This is the nasty bug fixed in the 2.2.11 errata. The fix is also in 2.2.12.
Solaris food fight
This TCP fringe case has been fixed.
Tightened capabilities
We have tightened the capabilities needed for setting frame buffer bases to include RAWIO.