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GNU Go 2.4

Sep 24, 1999, 00:56 (2 Talkback[s])

GNU Go 2.4 has been released. It is now at


GNU Go is a computer program which plays Go. It runs on GNU/Linux and Unix, and has also been ported to Windows, though it is less convenient to compile it there.

The Game of Go (also called Wei Chi or Baduk) is a game of strategy thousands of years old. It is considered a more difficult programming problem than chess. While good chess programs can play at the grandmaster level, the strongest existing Go programs are far weaker than even typical human players.

GNU Go 2.4 is substantially stronger than GNU Go 2.0. Tests show that recent development versions can give GNU Go 2.0 a 5 stone handicap (see http://www.dumonteil.claranet.fr/) with better than even results. There have been numerous other improvements as well.

GNU Go has played over 4000 games on NNGS. Its rating on NNGS is 17 kyu, which corresponds to approximately 14 kyu in the American Go Association. This is weaker than the best Go programs, but GNU Go is being actively developed and improving.

The best way to use GNU Go is with the CGoban client, which you can obtain from Bill Shubert's web site at:


GNU Go also has an ASCII interface.

GNU Go authors are Daniel Bump, David Denholm, Jerome Dumonteil, Nicklas Ekstrand, Gunnar Farneback, Man Li, Nils Lohner, Douglas Ridgway, Tommy Thorn, Thomas Traber, and Inge Wallin.

The GNU Go programming page is at:


Daniel Bump