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CORRECTED: Delphi for Linux On Its Way -- Inprise Commits To Development Tools

Sep 27, 1999, 22:22 (46 Talkback[s])
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By Dwight Johnson, Linux Today

Inprise will announce tomorrow its Kylix project which will develop a new Rapid Application Development environment native to Linux. Kylix will incorporate the best features of its Delphi and C++ development products for the Windows platform and utilize Borland's Linux-native C, C++ and object Pascal compilers released last summer. The Kylix project will support component based development with an entirely new Visual Component Library developed native to Linux.

According to Michael Swindell, Inprise group product manager for Linux, porting of applications developed on Delphi and CBuilder for Windows will be simple and straightforward.

However, Kylix is not a port of Delphi and CBuilder but a new product using entirely Linux standards and Linux components while incorporating the best features of the Borland Windows development tools.

Swindell told Linux Today that the goal for Kylix is a complete applications development environment that will support the development of both open-source and proprietary applications.

Kylix will support the development of both database and Internet enabled applications. It will support all application development models from Fat to Ultra-thin. Supported standards and protocols will include: CGI, NSAPI, XML and DHTML for distributed Web applications.

Initially, Kylix will support MySQL, said Swindell, and further support for commercial databases will be announced later.

Inprise is targeting mid 2000 for release of the product.

The announcement of Kylix comes on the heals of Inprise's announcement today of a free download for its JBuilder Java 2 Just-In-Time Compiler for Linux.

Swindell told Linux Today that the Java 2 Just-In-Time Compiler for Linux is based on the Blackdown JDK for Linux and represents a significant performance boost for Java applications running under Linux.

The Java 2 Just-In-Time Compiler for Linux is free for any use but is not open-source -- only the object executable is available for download. Swindell also cautioned that this is a preview release of the Java 2 Just-In-Time Compiler for Linux as it is waiting for Blackdown to complete its JDK 2.0 release and applications using it should not be used for production work.

Swindell told Linux Today that Inprise is still investigating how it will support the open-source licensing model but that presently they are committed to delivering superior application development tools to the Linux platform.