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GNOME Summary, September 21-28

Sep 28, 1999, 18:58 (0 Talkback[s])
(Other stories by Havoc Pennington)

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Date: Tue, 28 Sep 1999 12:29:47 -0400 (EDT)
From: Havoc Pennington
Subject: GNOME Summary September 21-28

This is the GNOME Summary for September 21-28.

Table of Contents

1) Documentation moves to PNG
2) Eye of GNOME release
3) gdk-pixbuf release
4) 1.0.40 beta release
5) First Bonobo release
6) Hacking Activity
7) New and Updated Software

1) Documentation moves to PNG

Dave Mason has asked for (and received) PNG support in the next version of DocBook. In the meantime however, we have a GNOME-specific DocBook DTD enhancement that you should use if you want to use PNG images in your documentation. Dave explains more here:

This allows us to move from GIF to PNG, avoiding unpleasant patent issues and getting a better image format to boot.

2) Eye of GNOME release

Federico announced the first version of his image viewer:

It doesn't do much except zoom in a really impressive way. Load a large image and press the + and - keys a lot, I enjoy that. :-) Try it!

3) gdk-pixbuf release

Eye of GNOME requires gdk-pixbuf so we got a release of that as well. See the announce:

4) 1.0.40 beta release

A beta in preparation for 1.0.50 is out; Grand Master of Releases Elliot Lee announces it here:

Dax, as always, is ready with well-tested and timely RPM packages:

Please bang the remaining bugs out of this (though I don't see many, it seems very stable...)

It would be especially nice to try to break the new Tasklist and Desk Guide. These replace the old Pager applet, though we are going to ship the Pager as well since it's better tested and some people like it better. Actually I'm not sure we'll ship the new applets with 1.0.50 but it's being considered.

5) First Bonobo release

We finally have a tarball of the Bonobo component architecture library!

6) Hacking Activity

Module Score-O-Matic:

94 gnumeric
73 gnome-core
59 gimp
46 gnome-libs
36 dr-genius
32 rp3
30 gtk--
25 gnome-pim
24 mc
22 bonobo-doc
19 gfloppy
17 gnomeweb
17 gaby
16 gtop
16 gnome-media
15 gtrouble
15 gtk+
15 bonobo
14 libgtop
14 gnome-print
14 gnome-games
14 eog
14 control-center

User Score-O-Matic:

95 unammx
81 kmaraas
36 chyla
30 mmeeks
30 martin
29 jrb
29 jirka
26 sopwith
23 jody
21 mathieu
19 johnsonm
18 docsbr
18 asbjoer
17 tgil
16 rhult
16 neo
16 jberkman
15 campd
14 mortenw
13 vinc
13 martijn
12 owen
12 dietmar

Jonathan wrote the "gfloppy" floppy formatting utility. He refuses to call it "Floppy Buddy" despite our repeated persuasion attempts.

7) New and Updated Software

URL Collector: stores URLS
Pybliographer: bibliography database
LED Counter: applet that counts stuff
GnoFract: Fractal generator
GTelnet: telnet client
sawmill: nice GNOME-compliant window manager
GProc: process list
Gaspell: aspell frontend
GnomeToaster: CD writer
Eucalyptus: email client
galway: web editor
gnome-core: Core GNOME desktop components
gnome-libs: GNOME libraries
gtk--: GTK/GNOME C++ bindings
Glade: GUI builder
Gnumeric: GNOME spreadsheet
gnome-utils: small utility programs
gnome-pim: Calendar and address book
gnome-media: CD player and misc. media stuff
gdm: XDM replacement, PAM compliant
gtop: top replacement
libgtop: portable abstraction layer for platform-specific information
ORBit: small light ORB
esound: sound daemon
screem: web site manager
gwsearch: web search engine frontend
elknews: newsreader
gFTP: ftp client
DPS-FTP: ftp client
gVN: visual network manager
gnome-pilot: GNOME palm pilot tools
Pan: newsreader
Gip: GNOME install project
Gaby: personal database manager
libglade: load Glade UI files at runtime
Screen-shooter: screenshot applet
Gmail: email system based on SQL

See the software map on (or Freshmeat) for more information about any of these packages.

Until next week -